Gaming | Social
A discord community for the 3D adventure game 'Woodsalt'. We do Jackbox, gaming and social events. Follow the development, make friends and have fun.
Art | Programming
To help in your procrastinating ways and bring a social aspect to those lonely tasks.
Gaming | Technology
Official server dedicated to Flux Games!
Programming | Technology
{undefined} est un serveur sur le thème de la programmation regroupant les développeurs (aussi bien novice que expert) pour s'aider et parler entre eux de code (Python, C, C++, Js, Php, Ruby, Java, etc), voir de tout.
Technology | Community
Community about C++
YouTuber | Gaming
Minecraft server developments ( Nederlands )
Programming | Support
Developer Treff Discord
Community | Technology
SysAdmin / DevOps. Extension developer for Drupal, MediaWiki, WordPress, XenForo. CentOS & Debian administrator.
Community | Programming
Rust cheat software Software developing
Community | YouTuber
Under construction...
Business | Gaming
This server is about selling configured minecraft servers.
Community | Gaming
Join us to meet new friends, new gamers, new developers, and so much more. Looking for active staff and admins as well!
Bot | Community
A Server where you can find nice Bots to add it to your'e Server If you need a customize Bot you can find here a very good Developer!
Programming | Bot
Een Nederlandse Discord Bot Maker Service! Wij maken bots voor jou!
Bot | Programming
Discord Sunucumuz sadece SOHBET içindir Küfür Reklam Flood ''YASAKTIR''
Gaming | Anime
We are a discord server for gamers and developers! Welcome to GameBuilding Studios!
Community | Technology
I'm Tails IM. I'm a system administrator and web developer. I am writing articles on system administration and the development of various systems, applications and servers. I am engaged in the development and localization of CMS / CMF and small modules for them.
Community | Gaming
ROBLOX Studio Community server.
Programming | Technology
Türkçe Discord Yazılım ve Oyun geliştirme sunucusudur.
Design | Business
Developer Server for GTA V
YouTuber | Gaming
Hi,I am Mark,a YouTube video creator and also a Roblox developer. This server is a good place to talk with your friends,play mini-games,win prizes and more! Have fun!
Community | Programming
Home of the simple, multi-purpose bot, Kepi.
Gaming | Social
This server is all about people on Roblox that are searching for a partner or team to work on a game! We offer support and help people work on games together. We have special roles you can assign yourself to indicate what your job is! With over 200 members, we have enough people to hire or get hired!
LGBT | Art
We are a community in Plantation Fl, Our discord consist of Vr Artist, Magic Leap Creators, Producers, ACF Chefs, Live VR Show, Unity developers, GoBi Sushi, Building the future together.
Gaming | Community
This Discord is about the counter-strike: oldschool offensive modification for counter-strike: global offensive which mainly is based on new updates and the mod creation via community votes etc. If you want to get the old csgo feelings back then you have found the right place. This Counter-Strike mod allows you to play on the old maps with most issue fixed from the older versions and just nostalgia feeling.
Crypto | Technology
Yadacoin is a startup cryptocurrency blockchain social media protocol. We talk blockchain. We talk cryptocurreny. We talk alt coin. We talk new ways to subvert the current centralized paradigm.
Programming | Design
Hey guys🤗, If you want to join a friendly👍 community hub for developers👨🏽‍💻, designer🌌 and gamers🎲 as well as for everybody🔓 who wants to be here🔽 than you are right in the ConfusingFutureGang🌠 What do we offer💯 ✔️You will get help💯, feedback🌐 and nearly everything you want⚜️ ✔️Be in contact with real💯 Programmer👨🏽‍💻, Designer🌄 and Gamer🃏 ✔️You can share📢 your stuff and informations💾 with other people ✔️You can use the MusicBot🤖 in the Music-Lounge 🎶 ➡️Control in music-chat💬 ✔️VoiceChannels for everybody🎤 ✔️The server is completely⌛️ free🔓 ✔️The server is always🕐 online🔋 ✔️You will get a nice rank💹 So what are you waiting for❓ Feedback🌐 Maybe you can give me some feedback📢 because only so I can always⌛️ improve🌄 the server.
Crypto | Community
- Friendly Cryptocurrency - Artists - Gamers Community - Earn/Invest/Trade or develop with our own INSTANTCOIN token! - Daily News, Videos, Airdrops & Trading Signals - Get free upvotes for Steemit - Join Giveaways & Events - Ranking system with Rewards - Pick the roles you want! #👔choose-roles - Promotion/Advertising channels for everyone & even more! New to Cryptocurrency? ​ No problem, this will be a great way to learn and start your adventure for free with for example our INSTANTCOIN token that you can earn in many ways! The goal of this community is to have a place where all cryptocurrency, artists, content creators, gamers, developers and other like minded people can get together to support each other in their own ways. [Visit Website for more info]
Technology | Programming
Devcord is a community that brings together web developers of all experience levels. Get help with your code, connect with other web developers, discuss your current project and chat about your favourite languages, libraries, and frameworks.
Bot | Programming
The official Discord server of the Discord GottBot.
Technology | Hobbies
An affordable hosting service for all - but I need your support
Bot | Gaming
ELO - A pug (pick up game) bot for discord.
Programming | Technology
KamilDev is a community for all programmers, developers, technology enthusiasts, and everyone else!
Gaming | Programming
Welcome to the community built for modders/coders! We mostly specialize in PS3 and PS4 modding/coding but we've mostly got a mix of everything! There is also a massive support team waiting to answer all of your questions about modding on the PS3 or PS4! :))
Bot | Support
Данный сервер является сервером поддержки начинающих программеров на языке discord.js На нашем Discord канале вам помогут разобраться с вашей проблемой, ответят на вопросы... И много другое. Вообщем заходи и попробуй сам!
Technology | Programming
Vento ist ein Server worauf du in Deutsch deine Fragen in Bezug auf Programmierung stellen kannst. Natürlich gibt es nebensächlich auch einen Off-topic Kanal, worauf du dich mit anderen in der Community von Vento unterhalten kannst!