Community | Role-Playing
Welcome to the one and only, Littles Locker. A littles/regression and gaming community, that is 100% Safe for Work.
Social | Furry
welcome to little paws, a social site for babyfurs to meet their own. we're SFW and accept any babyfur 13 or above, we're community focused, we have art, story and character and world building channels for creative babyfurs who wish to make content, little paws is a safe place for baby furs to talk and share - we have art, character and world building channles - little space channel for those wishing to have little time - safe for babyfur meets and to chill - we hold annual events such as character creation voting join us if your a babyfur needing a place to chill and want to join a server that has activities and encourages creativity
Mature | Role-Playing
a bunch of neighbourhood kids in pull-ups form group called the pull-up and wetters club, a group for kids who are in pull-ups and kids who like to wet themselves, all are accepted if they have a tendency to wet themselves during the day
Mature | Role-Playing
welcome to Fandora a setting where humans and Anthros live together, there is one issue, the nation of Fandora is ABDL dominant, its a society that majority of which are diapered and we are the sister server of Padded academe and we have some perks perks: -members get an equal share of the server -a safe place for all types -peers who have the same interests as you -a community to be apart of -emojies are pending
Mature | Role-Playing
welcome to the padded academe a community project to develop a boarding school for diapered students, members get a slice of this school, and it expands with every member. OCs permitted must be a minimum age of 2 and a maximum age of 18 years of age, we offer much and we are strictly SFW and members get perks perks: -an equal right to the server's setting, we do not discriminate and no one holds majority power here -we have a comprehensive RP section -we are never stop growing as a community. -safe place to be yourself -unique roles for all members -access to many server emojis
Mature | Role-Playing
welcome to a world where fairies and supernatural beings where anthros, elves, fairies, humans, dragons and all supernatural beings live together. there is one catch. the entire population are diapered. we have perks including easy access to sister servers perks: -easy access to sister servers -like minded friends -meeting awesome people -fun -emojies pending
Community | LGBT
✨Welcome to Gay Baby Jail✨We're a Diaper Discord / ABDL Discord server and community for littles and Bigs! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ We have lots of cute emoji, bets and dares, extensive customization, and an economy where you can earn cookies! Cookies allow you to dare people to do stuff, buy unique roles, emoji, private channels, etc.! If you are ABDL, please stop by and take a look! Be sure to bring your own diapers 😉
Furry | Art
Place for all things BIG