Programming | Support
Team Val is a programming support server designed for discord.js,, web design, and other languages. Click here to learn more.
Bot | Programming
This is the official Discord Support Server of the Public Bot-Imbroglio. 〢Imbroglio is a multipurpose Discord Bot with several Administration, Moderation, 〢Economy, Fun and Miscellaneous commands. 〢This server is meant for new comers to try our bot, provide suggestions and get support. 〢Most importantly, this server is designed to help enthusiasts to make their own Bot. 〢Here, we answer your questions regarding Bot-making in several programming 〢languages like, discord.js, JDA get you started on making your first Discord Bot, and provide you with all the resources you may require in the process.
Community | Programming
Nieoficjalny serwer wsparcia dla programu Discord Bot Maker oraz języka Discord.JS. Otrzymasz tutaj najlepszą pomoc, i rawdaty.
Programming | Technology
Welcome to Developers Lounge... The perfect place for a developer! We have: :javascript: Python coding help & Javascript coding help :Python: :Verifiedbage: Chill with other developers :Verifiedbage: :vscode: Talk about your code :vscode: And talk about off-topic things! So join now!
Programming | Community
Struggling with making your own bot? Join our community to grow your knowledge and get the most help regarding discordjs.
Community | Gaming
Meme Man Central is a chill community where no toxicity is allowed. We are relatively small currently (8/24/2020) so it would be nice if we had you! We have developers, gamers, and chill people. Have fun!
Community | Programming
A community with a focus of helping and having fun with people. Anyone is welcome to join us! Please come and chill! Invite your friends! Have a nice day!
Education | Programming
Developers is a place for new and seasoned developers to come hang out, help out, share projects and learn new things about developing.
Technology | Community
This is a server for you to come and advertise your server. How It Works: Welcome to self-promo. This text will explain how everything works and what to do. This server is meant for people who want to advertise their servers and get more users without doing illegal stuff. DM the bot @self-promo-bot and it'll start a survey asking for information so it can post your server in this server but you have to remain in this server to keep your invite link
YouTuber | Social
Servidor en el que puedes preguntar dudas sobre el uso de Discord, programación y uso de bots y muchas otras cosas. También tenemos diferentes bots para hacerte pasar un buen rato, un equipo de staff profesional y una comunidad activa que además podrá resolver todas tus dudas. Servidor oficial del canal de YouTube "Yupi"
Bot | Programming
Servidor para programadores dbd
Programming | Bot
Join our server for help for your discord bot or let us design a logo for you. Join Rude Development
Bot | Technology
Jest to support bota.
Bot | Anime
A friendly (Mostly SFW) server. This server is a support server for Jonin, which has a growing community. We accept all and don't judge. Get updates for when Jonin is down or when new commands are released.
Programming | Technology
Discord Bot Coding Support is a server where we will help you with coding We support Python and JavaScript Requirements for helper { *Must know JavaScript or Python *Both are good }
Programming | Gaming
Discord Server von mir, AstroGD. Ich bin ein deutscher Entwickler und programmiere tools auf Github und arbeite an unterschiedlichen Projekten. Komm vorbei und schau rein ^^ Discord Server of AstroGD. I am a german developer developing tools on github. I am also working on other projects. Come on in - I have cookies ^^
Programming | Technology
Tamamen yazılım ve kodlama sunucusudur. Bu sunucuda Discord bot kodlayan kişilere ve tüm Yazılımla uğraşanlara yardım edilmektedir.