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join this server for lots of fun and music videos . ALSO SUB TO PEWDS!!
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FiveM Roleplay Server. Server IP: Illinois State RolePlay |
Role-Playing | Military
--------------------- Welcome to San Andreas RolePlay Community! --------------------- We are a Xbox GTA5 RolePlay comuntiy based in the UK, here to make ROLEPLAYS on Xbox be best they possibly can! We have fully set out training sessiona Custom CAD integrated into our discord for ease of use. We have over 100 roles/jobs so you can pick what you like. We have a civ ranking system. No Fail RP To join please click the link below and head over to fill out an application!!
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Pennsylvania Department of Justice Roleplay (PADOJRP) is a FiveM roleplay community based on the US State of Pennsylvania.
Gaming | Role-Playing
The San Andreas Life Roleplay Community is dedicated to professionalism and realism to the fullest extent. SALRP is a new community that is currently in the development stages. We are **looking for Staff and Department Heads!** If you would like to claim your spot, make your way into our discord! We have giveaways every now and again to thank our members for their dedication to our server. Not sure about it? Come check us out. It wont hurt to give us a try.
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A FiveM Role Play community consisting of; Police, Fire, EMS, Civilian & Communications. Made for you to give you the freedom you want in Role Play. Create/take part in new and unique role plays and be proud to be a member of the new Sunrise DOJ.