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Servidor com o objetivo de juntar pessoas, ajudar pessoas a jogarem juntas e a socializarem. Com canais de voz pra jogos tipo: Valorant, CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Rocket League, Minecraft e Among Us.
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Large Friendly Dota2 Community of all MMRs 32 Popular Resident Twitch Dota2 Streamers with their own roles and channels Coaching InHouses Giveaways 1v1 Solo Mid Tournaments with Large Community Driven Donation Prize Pools
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No more toxicity in dota 2 pubs, get on the fun right now! Ranking system, self assign roles, booster perks and much more!
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Artifact is dead, long live Artifact Reborn! Theorycrafting and development of Artifact Reborn. The future of Artifact.
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Indonesia language bot (Bot bahasa indonesi), Moderasi server, Kick/Ban member, custom welcome/goodbye message, Osu!, Dota 2
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Um servidor para brasileiros que jogam Dota 2. Junte-se a nós na única comunidade com: -Reaction Roles. -Salas de voz privadas customizáveis. -Concursos e torneios exclusivos. Junte-se agora!
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This server is created for gaming. If you need to relax, to play with new friends this server is for you,
eSports | YouTuber
its a dota 2 Server to play with some FRiends, please dunt jucge me for smething on this Server, i spend 2 days with it
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Socialize to get Dota rewards, play, enter giveaways, listen to 24/7 music, discuss leaks and updates, enjoy memes and Dota related videos. You are welcome here))))))
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Looking for a friend to play party ranked? Looking for players or a team? We offer automated LFT and LFP mechanics. Connect with others and improve your dota 2 in-game experience! Meta discussion, tournaments, player transfers and much more. Stay up to date with the Pro Scene!
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Discord server of TI7 Champions and TI9 finalists — Team Nigma
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GAEA is a Greek-themed, South East Asian PC gaming community.
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MyFallen Gaming Community Welcome to MyFallen! We are a community-focused gaming server for all ages. We welcome anyone who wants to come and game with us! If you love a game, you'll probably find someone to talk about it or play it with here. Some of the things we offer: - A friendly, welcoming community. - Channels for art, e-sports and various games. - A place to find a group. - 'Professional' staff. - Hosted events and competitions. - Need homework help? Ask our community! - Love tech? talk about tech. MyFallen Gaming Community is a community for all. Come join us for a discussion on Overwatch League, Call of Duty League, League of Legends, DOTA 2 and more. We can't wait to welcome you. Our Website:
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Gaming Server - Dota 2, Clash Royale, Rust, Rocket League, Minecraft, Apex, YouTuber
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A small friendly gaming community. We have self-roles, fun bots, and we would love to you!
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Join if Ur 5Head, u WonT Special Members Include: Rank 300 NA Dota pro ES Main Porn Star Skilled Roti Maker
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Hi there, If you're looking for a fun server that likes to play games of old and new, come on down over to the Mainframe. We play games like{ Dota 2 Artifact Dungeons of Dredmor Risk of Rain 2 Tabletop Simulator Don't Starve Together } //And many more So if (like) == true : print.("come on down over") See you soon, Mainframe
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This is a fun gaming server with many games!
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Auto Chess Legends is a strategy mixed with chess game that emphasises fast and fluid gameplay. How you play your pieces matters far more than how fast you can tap! FEATURES • Real-time fast-paced mini-tournament battles against players from across the world • Fight across an 8x8 field mimicking a chessboard using familiar heroes as your game pieces • Combine pieces for different synergies and tactics with 56+ legendary heroes • Less twitch-heavy gameplay, more strategy and nuance: Pieces fight automatically, but where you place them and who you place determines victory. • Unlock and collect new, powerful Kings, each with a signature attack and SUPER ability • Epic updates & Events every week. Auto Chess Legends is always expanding • Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings • Auto Chess Legends is easy to learn, fast to play, difficult to master
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Русскоязычное сообщество игроков в Dota 2, CS:GO, World Of Tanks, DayZ, и многих других игр. Хорошая атмосфера и приятные люди. Присоединяйтесь!
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TW Taiwan 台灣 Dota 2