Community | Hobbies
For the hard working liver and connoisseur of booze, this is the place to hang out. We appreciate alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. Share reviews, and meet new people! We welcome all levels of knowledge and maintain a chill environment. We frequently voice chat and host game nights.
Community | Hobbies
The Pub is a social drinking discord that has a chill and fun environment. Come tell us what you're drinking!
Social | Community
We are here to drink and have a good time. Bring all your friends and don't forget to have fun. We only chill and no drama. Cheers!
Gaming | Social
Were a new gaming/hangout server. Its pretty small right now come meet everyone and hangout. We want there to be a group ready for any game you wanna chill and play, or have people to just hang out with and chat to. we don't have super strict rules other then Discord TOS. We drink every so often so if that's what your looking for we've got you there too. There is a NSFW channel, but age verification is required... sorry minors. We also have a few bot games and are adding more so if there is one you enjoy let us know about it. Hope you join and have a good time with us! Server rules: Adhere to Discord TOS and don't be a tool to other people.
Music | Social
this server is for the best. any sign of weakness and we will ridicule you for it
Social | Gaming
Welcome to Paddy's Pub, the worst bar on television.
Gaming | eSports
Server for people who like to drink while gaming. Fortnite / Destiny / VR / Rocket League / NMS
Community | Gaming
We Play Games Drink Post Memes Stream DRINK MORE we smoke we hangout we chill everyone has a weonderful time
Emoji | Anime
A server with Anime Sip Emotes for nitro users to use on other fun servers. Enjoy these fun Anime Sip Emojis!