We have all the amenities you would expect from an eso based server, this includes a great group of active discord members who are as engaged in our community as they are to the game. We are equipped to provide whatever you need, be it having gear made, finding a raid group or sharing a laugh!
Server associated with the twitch account WellMax81
Home to the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community, Magazine, Livestreams, and Athletics. We are a community that was formed in 2001 to allow like minded gamers a place to share epic adventures with. Since then we have grown to include 5 chapters (250+ players), dozens of adventures (<250 players), a digital gaming magazine, daily livestreams, an annual charity event and a 9-time champion competitive Flag-Football Team in the Pacific North West. Learn more about our community at: https://www.gaiscioch.com/
Discord server for the multi-game social gaming community, The Senate.
Terran Gaming Veterans is a community of PC gamers, largely English speaking, spanning across the globe. Our community and our affiliations have grown in recent years. We're now offering a discord server. Simple rules, little restrictions but administrated. https://discord.gg/JR3NBwW
If you don't want to chase people or be told how to play. Or do you feel a good community with some structure can do all aspects of the game? Then proceed to House Oldenmmo.
Finnish community for the Elder Scrolls Online players.