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🌟ASIAN 🌟 KPOP 🌟 GIVEAWAYS🌟 International Asian Community Discord Server. Must be 18 and over. Come join! Everyone is welcomed!
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Asian Discord: Noraebang Icon
Community | Social | Gaming
🌟ASIAN 🌟 KPOP 🌟 GIVEAWAYS🌟 International Asian Community Discord Server. Must be 18 and over. Come join! Everyone is welcomed!
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Technology | Community
Chip Fab is a server dedicated to providing a home for all techies, whether you are into electronics, networking, general computing or any other field of technology, Chip Fab is a place you you. Chip Fab provides dedicated channels for a wide variety of topics regarding technology like networking, electronics, computing and others.
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Science | Support
All Science is a server for people who want to talk about, get into, or learn different sciences. New channels can be added upon request.
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Education | Technology
We are Live! Electrocuit is an integrated platform where learning is made easier accessible and understandable. From blogs and discussion forums to the latest updates on competitions and internships, Electrocuit is your one-stop destination for electronics. We are as excited as you in bringing this website to you. _Come be a part of this endeavour towards the new face of learning!_ :) Visit
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Technology | Programming
A general technology server oriented around technology, programming, electronics, and more!
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Community | Technology
A friendly place where electrical engineers and electrical engineering students can chat, ask questions, and overcome problems together.
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Technology | Hobbies
An Electronics Engineering community for Altium users of any skill level, from hobby/maker to senior engineers.
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Technology | Support
Do you need help to build PC? Need advice with the best parts to buy for the price? We're a community dedicated to helping you throughout all the stages of the process, including the part list creation, pc assembly, choosing the best peripherals and maximizing the value of your purchase. Anyone is welcome here!
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Technology | Programming
Electronicity is a place to discuss about electronics in general, as well as 3D printing, coding and many other interesting topics and share knowledge and project ideas! It aims at gathering people interested in new technologies and do it yourself (diy) making: most of the members here are hobbyists or professionals, willing to help beginners and to share their projects.
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Community | Technology
A community server for people interested in the future.
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Technology | Programming
A Discord Community for Digital Systems Design. Hi everyone, After looking around for an existing server for this subject and finding nothing I have created a new Discord server for anyone passionate about homebrew cpu's or other digital systems such as VGA display drivers, Sound Synths, or just about any other thing you can think of. There are text and voice channels both. The intent of the server is to be a community where people of any skill level can just get on to hang out and talk about the digital world, help solve problems people may be having with their projects, work on group projects, link helpful resources related to digital design, or just share their own work. Digital hardware of every level is talked about and worked on. I hope we can form a strong collective of like minded people to take some of the burden out of the wonderful hobby/career of digital design.