Business | Financial
Echo Prosperity is a Discord educational discord server where people can come and learn about things like entrepreneurship, trading, investing, coding, etc. We aren't selling you anything, we are just here to provide a meaningful place for people to have thoughtful discussion and ask questions. If you have any interest in those topics mentioned please come take a look around and introduce yourself to the community! If there are other topics you are interested or have experience in, message me and we can have you host a sub portion of our Discord. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Business | Community
We are focused on creating a community for entrepreuneurs and those who want to be one. There's a lot of entrepreneurs who need a social network of likeminded people, which is what we want to provide!
Business | Community
A server for entrepreneurs to discuss their ideas, share their knowledge, and meet like-minded people! (Advertising is moderated)
Investing | Financial
Pantomath Trading Group is a community for stock traders of all experience levels. We are an educational and supportive community of traders. The purpose of our chat room is to learn from one another through the mistakes and triumphs of our pantomath peers.
Business | Technology
A community for young people who enjoy business and tech
Business | Community
A community of entrepreneurs helping each other succeed. Whether you're a college student with an idea or an industry executive, this community is for you!
Business | Investing
A community of online entrepreneurs and marketers helping each other produce more, create wealth, and network (includes channels for investing, trading and crypto)