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Community | Beliefs
An Ex-Muslim server with the objective to gather all Ex-Muslims and doubting Muslims in one place. The main purpose of the server is to function as an Ex-Muslim hangout and have intellectual discussions. We have a verification process.
Beliefs | Political
Unite Atheists & Ex-Muslims, Promote Intellectual Discussions and Debates.
Community | Beliefs
This is a server for the Ex-Muslim community on Discord, but also welcomes those who were Never-Muslim and those who are currently Muslim. Please note: New members and those not recognized elsewhere who wish to identify as ExMuslim must be verified before receiving full access.
Education | Community
If you are a believer and you think that you have got the truth, then come and convince the people that you think are disillusioned (it should be easy for you since it is indeed the truth) , you are free to discuss anything about Islam Christianity jewish and more. All ideologies are welcome to exchange their believes. ⛪☪️✡️🕌 => Friendly community => Respectful, mature discussions => New server and improving