Discord'un Kuruluş Amacı: ▣ Oyunun daha güzel bir hale gelmesini sağlamak, topluluğun sorunlarına çözüm sunmak, oyunu daha iyi hale getirmek. Purpose of Discord: ▣ To improve the status of the game, to provide solutions to the problems of the community, to promote the game to larger audience.
Public, small, friendly server for general chat, gamers, people into politics or just those who like to post memes. Relatively relaxed rules, extensive exp system giving bonuses to active users and many bots just added for fun such as music and economy bots. Come and chat with us! ^^
Manga, anime, gaming themed server. Unlock roles and channels as you level up! 100 levels, 11 gift boxes with loads of roles and more to come!