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Bazinga, A place for people who miss old discord overall quite a friendly place that is based around being able to have decent conversation or just memeing
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Satisfactory News is the place for FICSIT engineers to discuss the factory-building game Satisfactory, from Coffee Stain Studios. Join us for these awesome benefits! 🛠 Find fellow engineers to play multiplayer with 🛠 Get the latest news about Satisfactory 🛠 Get our hot takes on the latest patch notes 🛠 Find helpful tutorials and guides on how to play the game 🛠 Talk strategy and gameplay with other players 🛠 Be part of the best Satisfactory fan site! We’re not affiliated with Coffee Stain or Satisfactory, but we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction for support needs or suggestions. Now get building! ⛏
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The Rain Network is a community gaming server where you can meet, play games, and chat with people.
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We are POLISH community, there is no option to select it here tho, so its set on en. Zapraszamy na nasz serwer Discord. Wspólnie gramy, żartujemy i spędzamy razem miło czas. Nie jesteśmy tylko serwerem do gry ale i tworzymy społeczność w której staramy się o brak toksyczności. Gramy głównie w takie gry jak: -LoL -Minecraft -Destiny 2 -Move or Die -PoE -Rocket League Po dołączeniu na serwer znajdziecie się na serwerze weryfikacyjnym. Mamy nadzieję, że wkrótce zobaczymy się na naszym serwerze.
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XTRM Squad is a group of friends who loves gaming! Join our group and play some games with us! Rainbow6 Siege, FiveM, Factorio,..
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This particular server is a gaming communityn that includes many giveaways and mini games for you to enjoy which are trying to expand