Art | Social
Welcome to the Addee Cord! A place to share, create, and collobarte with other artists. Our discord members are always active! Come stop by!
A friendly community about Gavin Magnus (YT star)
Entertainment | LGBT
A multi-fandom Podcast fan server! Features include a verification system, 20+ podcast channel, open channel requests, a gender/sexuality diverse mod team, a queer positive atmosphere, and a moderately active community.
Anime | Community
The Citadel for all 18+ fans of Touken Ranbu. This server will be open for all game updates, fans of the anime and live production. A place for you to post about your cosplay gatherings, fan art, fan fictions, even open Roleplay. Please join us, we would love to have you. ^_^
Community | Social
A server to befriend people who share your interest in tmnt also, please don't join if you're under thirteen years of age.
Gaming | Streaming
The Fortnite Fan Server is a guild focused on Gaming, specifically based on Fortnite.
Role-Playing | YouTuber
This server is like roleplay. You can order food from the cafe, get a job pass to have a job in the Liberty County Private server (After all this is a city) Also beg in front of a bank. Be a swat, cop, firefighter, a deputy, AND a criminal. (You don't need a job pass to become a criminal btw)
Gaming | Community
Hey, The SB737 fan server is perfect if your a fan of SB737, this server follows all the rules of SB737s channel like eg: family friendly. This server has a notification when SB737 uploads or tweets. Can’t wait to see you all there
Social | YouTuber
Just a chill server.