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A friendly female only runescape server!
Gaming | Community
With verification process!!!! ♡( ◡‿◡ ) League of Sweets is a soft, gentle, and lovely gaming community for girls only. (♡˙︶˙♡) SFW 16+ server >:T
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Welcome to League of Wahmen!! ~Girls Only~ Movie Nights, Hangouts, gaming & More! We are an ALL GIRLS community who all mainly play games. This is a place where you can chat, make friends, and have people to play games with! You can send memes, animals pics, selfies, listen to music, watch movies, play games all to your hearts content. Don't be shy, we're very nice and welcoming here. All we wanna do is play games, after all! No Males/Guys/Boys!!!!!
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This is a server for females only! Growing community, not many members now, but hopefully more!! A small, safe, and friendly community. All women are welcome here! I am sorry to say that we do not accept transgender individuals, however these people are still respected and viewed as valid 💖 I am sick and tired of servers advertised as female only and then either including males, or not having a valid invite. Especially with how rare these servers already are. There is a verification process. All women are welcome!!💖 16+ Please! Not an NSFW server, but we do discuss mature topics, so join at your own discretion. Important to note, we have had issues with some people who aren't fond to our particular sense of humor, so if you are easily offended, I would recommend joining another server. However, if you can see past our offensive jokes, you have a very loving community of supportive women waiting for you once you get in.💖