Community | Entertainment
An unpopular, (For now) chill server, on crack. We have cool bots to entertain for...who knows how long... and uh...memes. Yeah. Join :> . . . (What are you waiting for?)
Gaming | Meme
An all out blast of a new small server! Gamers, weebs, artists, females, males, transgender. We accept ANYONE!
Social | Gaming
We are a social active community for anyone who wants to chat, make friends, game, share music, and have fun! Anyone is welcome to join us! Features: -Role Colors, -Find Friends, -Fun Bots, -Friendly members, -Lots of different channels and vc, -NSFW channels,
Community | Gaming
ZykSen Community
Community | Education
We have a lot of channels, you can choose what kind of pings you want to receive and what categories you want to see