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So, you like hangout servers? Hanging out with friends? Making new friends? Then join the epic 「Gamer Guild」 server! Here are some things included. (With some thing to do when first entering the server as well. ) - No toxicity. ( Vibing, chill Owners! ) - Active Staff. - Idle Miner Bot ( Mine, Sell, hunt for literal mobs! Based on mechanics from Minecraft. ) - Music Bots! Listen to e p i c tunes. ( Rhythm & Dyno! Obviously, there are more than just music commands in Dyno. ) - Bots for fun! ( Yggdrasil & MEE6 ) - fun e p i c PvP commands! - Gaeming staff (We can choose to host community-events where we come together and play) Make sure to: - Read the rules, very important. - Have fun, duh. How about considering it? There is more to discover, and some are not even mentioned here. How will you find out the non mentioned features? Only one way to find out.