Over 8k members - The Furry Kingdom is a furry server designed with fun, freedom, and diversity in mind. Whoever and whatever you are, TFK encourages you to show your true colors and be yourself! Enter the kingdom and become a part of this welcoming family of interesting characters.
Over 8k members - The Furry Kingdom is a furry server designed with fun, freedom, and diversity in mind. Whoever and whatever you are, TFK encourages you to show your true colors and be yourself! Enter the kingdom and become a part of this welcoming family of interesting characters.
Αυτή η κοινότητα απευθύνεται σε όλους τους Gamers με στόχο την ένωση τους μέσα από το διαδίκτυο για μια δυνατή και υγιή κοινότητα για την καλύτερη εμπειρία μας στην ψυχαγωγία και στην ενημέρωση γύρω από τον κόσμο του gaming και της τεχνολογίας..!
The Stronggamers server is powered by www.stronggamers.com and its a place for our community to chill and chat all things bodybuilding and gaming/fitness! We have influencers, pro gamers, personal trainers, nutritionists and of course awesome staff & members!
Dark humour meme server without the sensitive mods ;)
Over 8k members - The Furry Kingdom is a furry server designed with fun, freedom, and diversity in mind. Whoever and whatever you are, TFK encourages you to show your true colors and be yourself! Enter the kingdom and become a part of this welcoming family of interesting characters.
Real Time Socialists is a level 3 server, serving a left leaning community of Real Time Strategy gamers. Do you like RTS games? Are you somewhere on the left side of the political spectrum? Do you like respectful conversations? Don't look further; this server will be your new home! https://discord.gg/rts
Like small servers? Like being yourself without worying some noob's going to criticise you? So do we!
Colombianos jugando en PC y algunos en consolas. Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, etc
Opium Pulses is an officially partnered & verified server for gamers seeking their new online family. We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour & bizarre personalities! Since 2012 we've grown rapidly and even developed and released useful services for our members to take advantage of, you can find out more over at our website OpiumPulses.com - come join the family!
Hello. This is a discord server called JourneyLands. It is a roleplay server. The discord server is full of fun activites :D Get into the ACTION! We are a roleplay server! First you create a character and then you can join faction or a country! When you join a country you can also create a military!
-NSFW channel -Taco-Shack Bot -Fun/weird people
Valorant discord with players all across the Europe. We are hosting tournaments. You can find highly skilled teammates and improve your gameplay with our advices.
🧐 Ahoy there! I'm sure your looking for a good server. Join now the best gaming server "Frosted Flakes". !!PLEASE READ THE SERVER DESCRIPTION!!
made this server on a whim in hope to make some new friends and play some games or just chill NO RACISM, TRANSPHOBIA, HOMOPHOBIA OR ANY OF THAT SHIT other wise just normal discord tos, join and have some fun :^)
The Official Server of YouTuber Brockcoli. Make sure to subscribe to the channel when you Join. Brockcoli is super interactive with his fans and the server is the best way to interact with him. have fun interacting with others who have a passion for gaming, comedy, horror, and more. what are you waiting for? Join the Brockcoli Brigade!!!!
Join the family! A new world isn't just another server, it's Home, Our goal is to provide a place where you can interact and meet new people who share common interests about k-pop and weebs international PS: in this server is retarded and homiesexual ppl
A semi-active server that has existed for three years. We are mostly active on the weekends, with a few of us open for texting 24/7. Activity is not required, but encouraged as we're trying to grow our active user base. - We play a lot of CSGO, Minecraft (ask for server IP), Classic WoW, OSRS, Rocket League, etc. - WEEKLY NITRO GIVEAWAYS - English & Japanese channels - Chess tournaments are hosted monthly on Chess.com. - We have an NSFW channel for ravers & other misc types. - Music channel to share your beats. - Memes. - Twitch integration - Tatsumaki, Pokecord, IdleRPG, Rythm, and Mee6. - Ranking system, ever message earns XP. Check us out!
discord server where weebs, otakus, and gamers alike can share their similarities in a friendly, fun environment and get to meet new people and interact with bots with fun games n such. Expect giveaways, activities, events, and more!
welcome to 𝕡𝕖𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕙𝕠𝕣 A server for anyone and everyone. Petrichor - The pleasant, earthy smell after rain. Welcome to a peaceful server. In here, you can feel free to be yourself. We are all friendly and acceptable here! This is a place for musicians, artists, shitposters, photographers or just any person in general. You're welcomed here, but of course you'll still need to follow a few rules to keep the server environment safe and sound.
Our mission is to create a positive and supportive community for gamers and content creators alike.
Are you tired of Discord servers where people just talk random stuff, spams, no one knows anyone, all is drama and argues, just one or two self-assign roles and the servers designs give you eye cancer? Don't worry, we're on the same page, that's why I've created Retro Bliss, and here is what we offer: 💎 350+ self-assignable roles and channels customization! 💎 200+ original and aesthetic emojis! 💎 Friendly and chill staff/community! 💎 Anti-raid/Anti-spam system activated 24/7. 💎 Aesthetic server design. ( v a p o r w a v e ) 💎 10+ astrology roles and an exclusive channel! 💎 Music sessions, skribbl.io, video games & movie nights!
A shitposting server dedicated to free speech, memes, and gaming, with active voice channels. The server is still in development as new bots and events are added to the server, but is free to us
Hey, we are Vindicators Empire. Are you a gamer? Well, so are we! But we are Vindicators!
This is a server of many things we are based around the noob character and we play many games, Roblox, Minecraft, and other games the creator of the server also owns a channel called King Noob that you should subscribe to him yes.
egirls needed, a talk show on twitch where 4 alpha males seek love, gonna be fun gonna be epic pogchamp nice trihard ages are 14x3 and 16
Non-strict, Rainbow Six Siege focused server, but we also play other games.
Originally created to give a place for my twitch community to hangout after stream. Very organized discord with various chat sections and channels. We are all from various locations around the world with different interest! We are a level tier 3 boosted discord with ranks and over 100+ emotes!
Gamers of any kind from anywhere can join.
Friendly spiritual server to learn and share together or just hang out and chit chat. Everyone is welcome, all paths, beliefs, and lifestyles.
🤖 Developer Cube 🤖 Come join us and experience the server with the rest of the members and staff to communicate and talk about everyday things Interested in learning how to develop? You have came to the right place. We offer free services for anyone and teach them how to develop bots in short and simple steps. Join us and try it out. What we have to offer? 💎Free services for members to learn how to develop discord bots and etc. 💠Partnerships available to anyone if interested 💎Gaming channels where all Gamers can come together to play different games with other members. 💠Social media including YouTube for tutorials for the rest of the community to watch and experience. 💎Website where people can learn more about us and what we can provide for members. 💠 Paid services including bot developing and banner designs made with a reasonable price 💎Voice channels for members to communicate in a better and faster way 💠Chance to become staff to help and moderate the server.
A small tight-knit server, home to gamers who would just like to have a fun gaming session with their friends. Please keep in mind that this is a voice chat focused server. We have text channels but we mainly support voice chats.
Games'n'Gains; This server works much like an e-mag, with rss feeds on a vast array of topics such as; Working Out, Gym, Calisthenics, Health,. Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Including Diet or Bulking Plans, Healthy Recipes and much more so also find the time to search for answers via the discords search bar. Also, a Now Live channel that promotes a wide variety of streamers and youtubers, and we also post when members go 'live'.
Um Servidor do Discord para brasileiros jogar e conversarem!
We are here, for the gamers! Server Features: ★ Self assignable roles. ★ Fun and gaming bots. ★ Hosted Events. ★ Giveaways. ★ Music. ★ Gaming Voice and Text Channels. ★ Memes. ★ Fight against players. ★ Friendly staff. ★ Open to Suggestions. Join today!
┍━━♡━━┑ •ᴄʏʙᴇʀ-ᴄᴀꜰᴇ• ┕━━♡━━┙ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ, ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴄʏʙᴇʀ-ᴄᴀꜰᴇ! ᴍᴀʏ ᴡᴇ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ? ♡ aesthetic, cute emotes! ♡ active chats and vcs! ♡ plenty of sel-assignable roles! ♡ low moderation, fun staff! ♡ looking for staff & partner managers ♡ immediate boosting perks! ♡ plenty of egirls & eboys to simp
We're a gaming and anime server. Full of chill adults, we only allow 18+. We game together, talk about anime, and stream. We offer several bots and members can form clubs of shared interest, like our Pokemon Trainer club. To become a verified member, read the rules, write an intro, and select roles.