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Hangout, Fun, Paypal, invites, promotions, new.
Gaming | Growth
We are a very small and new community looking to grow! ~ Looking to play switch, xbox, ps4 or pc games but you don't have friends because you're a sweaty gamer? You've come to the right place! We hope you enjoy our lovely little community. : ) ~ We have very Active Owners/Admins! ~ A friendly community! ~ Minecraft SMP and Faction realms! ~ Pokecord! ~ Fun daily polls! ~ And we welcome anyone of any age. :)
Streaming | Anime
Hey there! Welcome to the Degenerates' Discord Group (18+)! We're a group of weebs/streamers that wanna expand our streams outward and invite more people into our community. The group is a bit of a mess as of right now, but with more people, mean's more chances to organize and communicate better with each member. If you're an active member on the group, you'll be bumped up from Small Weeblet to Big Weeb! We talk about an arrange of topics from anime to video games, to even furs for those interested. So come on by and check out the group!
Meme | Gaming
Gaming | Streaming
A community of gamers and streamers filled with only positive energy!!!
Gaming | Social
Want to join a server just to chill and talk about all your favourite games? You've come to the right place! All types of games and botspam to even play in.
Community | Gaming
A bunch of chill nibbas.
Gaming | Hobbies
Apocalypse 101 Is A dayz Server Community. -Friendly -Helpful -Caring -Funny
Gaming | Community
We are a small community that focuses on creating a roblox game based on the story line of part 7 of jojo.
Gaming | Community
XyZ Discord Server. Become a member of the XyZ Community.
Gaming | Social
Chill, hangout, vibe. 💫
Gaming | Social
For gamers and gaming
Role-Playing | YouTuber
This is just a little oc roleplay channel! It has a meme, sfw art, and spam channel! And that’s only some of them! You have to be 10+ to join! Doesn’t matter what fandom I just would love to see you around! (Also please read rules when joining :3)
Community | Social | Anime
we're a nice and cozy server with an active community! join us and make some new friends uwu <3
Anime | Community
Server consists of: -- Waifu's and husbando's by the WaifuBot and the Mudae bot. -- Pokécord and Pokécord giveaways. -- Emoji's -- Self-assignable roles -- A leveling system by Nadeko.
Anime | Gaming
An environment mainly for vibing and jokes on the side. Sometimes its crackheadish but you get used to it.
Community | Gaming
Um servidor tranquilo para quem quer apenas passar o tempo, fazer novos amigos ou jogar. Nosso objetivo é ter um bate papo por voz ativo com pessoas de todo o Brasil. Não importa a idade, Apenas seja maduro e saiba a hora certa de fazer as brincadeiras. Venha ajudar essa comunidade a crescer :D
Gaming | Community
-The Hooligan Boys are here to make some Hooligan Noise!- * We are an actively growing community of video game enthusiasts * We play tons of various different video games, we most likely have the game for you! * We are a chill, relaxed group of individuals who are always willing to play, game, and talk - Join an active community of Gamers and make new friends! -
Gaming | Community
Fun Minecraft Discord Hub for ProjectKorra Plugin Players!
Gaming | Social
Looking for group, find friends, FPS, Survival, Multiplayer, New games old games game sales anything worth a play through
Gaming | Meme
由 PTT Steam 板鄉民成立的遊戲群組
Art | Community
A server growing but having fun at the same time!!!
Meme | Entertainment
React in welcome with 😍 and become a member and there is a simple nsfw request channel, there are rooms that have no swear block like the fight room or swear jar and all the nsfw rooms have access to swearing... but no swearing in any other channels and there cool bots online
Streaming | Gaming
Bakshin Union a Growing Community of Like-minded Gamers And Streamers! We help promote Up-And-Coming Streamer's as well, if you are new and want to be recognized as an Up-And-Coming Streamer this is the place for you!
Gaming | Community
Linked is Simple. Find other players and play without the social hassle. Linked is super easy to use. Request to play a game, and get linked. Playing with other players has never been easier.
Community | Gaming
Gamers, streamers, youtubers, other content creators and many more are welcomed!
Gaming | Entertainment
🌟Akinator🌟Exp System🌟220+ gaming roles🌟Member Count🌟Musics🌟LFG Feature🌟Original Content Channel🌟80+ custom emojis🌟Pokécord🌟Rewards🌟
Anime | Gaming
The Warriors of Hope are heroes who save the world from Demons. Isn't that amazing? W♡H We must make this world a better place and get rid of ALL Demons that come our way! Yaay! I’m so happy! W♡H is a warrior group I made dedicated to the cuties of Ultra Girls Despair (Danganronpa) ♪ This group is for fun and for Danganronpa lovers and to make friends~ In this group we kick booty and kill Demons! 💣 we’re all still kids at heart, we strive to find our happiness together♡ Feel free to join the discord server, everyone is welcome!
Meme | Gaming
Just the most legendary out there
Community | Gaming
The Nexus Coalescent Server is a Hangout/Gaming server, it is also for DarkRP for Gmod, but mostly just to hang out and have a good time. We have: Nitro Boosts Unique Roles Many fun bots Chill Staff ...mostly...
Gaming | Anime
Gaming Community Server If you're a gamer and need a place for your friends to play join today :)
Gaming | Community
A gaming server with a lot of special people to make friends with! Everyone is welcome, especially if you like to play games like
Social | Community
Extended invites. Open only for adult audiences.
eSports | Gaming
Estamos aqui para fornecer de todo o melhor para vocês! Campeonatos, prêmios, amizades e uma ótima conversa ;) Se quiser nos acompanhar com mais frequência entre nas nossas redes sociais!
Gaming | Anime
A tightly knit community of dedicated gamers. Main Games We Play: - CS:GO - Modern Warfare - Minecraft - League of Legends - Rainbow 6 Siege - MTG Arena - GTA5 - Terraria - Uno - Other small party games
Gaming | Social
Acest server a fost creat cu scopul de a oferii gamerilor romani (si nu numai) un loc unde pot comunica cu diverse persoane cu interse comune precum gaming-ul. Aici va puteti gasii coechipieri pentru echipa dvs. sau chiar o echipa caruia sa va aluturati. Lucram la server in mod constant si speram ca in viitorul apropiat sa putem tine diverse giveaway-uri si alte concursuri, pentru mai multe detalii ramaneti alaturi de noi.