Gmod, siege and random shit and memes. ok we are toxic and funny ok
Pantheon is an Oceanic gaming community renowned for providing quality game servers. Our main platforms for communication are Discord and our forums, both of which share a welcoming environment and a large staff team that is always willing to help. Pantheon is a consistently growing community with a high standing reputation where strong friendships are built and the overall atmosphere is friendly and engaging.
Comunidad de servidores en latinoamérica y españa
GER TTT SERVER Willkommen in der Anstalt! Wir freuen uns darauf, deine Behandlung begleiten zu dürfen.
The discord server for the Candy gaming DarkRP GMOD server.
Games and Politics bruh. And other stuff.
Garry's Mod Server | MandalorianRP | Oblivion Gaming Networks
please come join me where we do pretty much everything here and if you dont like what you see then just leave
Just a chill gaming community with a Minecraft Survival server and a Gmod Jailbreak server.
Мы - команда энтузиастов, воплощающая в жизнь то, что многие посчитают безумием. Мы те, кто находится за кулисами того что вы видите. Мы те немногие кто работает не ради денег, а ради людей. Мы - AltHub.
In a world full of bland generic servers, Simmonds' House aims to give you something authentic: a place to call home. Simmonds' House is a community where members are able to come together and just have a fun time - meet new people, talk to friends and even join in on exciting events/giveaways! We want all members to enjoy their time any way they spend it! Some unique things you can expect when joining include: 💠 Custom reaction roles & Emotes 💠 A variety of different bots 💠 Very active members 💠 Our own locally hosted minecraft and gmod servers 💠 And much more! As always, we wish you a good day and hope you consider our server!
Welcome to Criptic Networks. We are a growing Garrys Mod gaming network full of stuff, to Fast DL to Mass giveaways.
Communauté FR DARKRP garry's mod !
Server Gmod DarkRP
New Garry's Mod server being developed by the makers of CanYouSurvive DayZ servers.
This is my server i creating for Gamers, anime/hentai lovers, or rather Everyone actually. music, art, sqauds we channels for it and a owner that likes to make new friends What are you waiting for? Join this server and spread your best memes
Hello! This is just a community dedicated for a bunch of fellas who wanna chill, share memes, and overall have a good time! Our discord is fairly focused on a handful of video games, and serves to appeal to everyone! Come by and give it a try! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you find a community that you feel that you belong!
Voice chat, make friends, games, music
This server is based on gaming, we are a newly found community; wanting to find new people to enjoy games with each other. We aim to be an active community that provides a wide range of events, game get-together's, etc. We are currently looking for staff to help run the server. We're always open to suggestions. Please, join, and help create a great community!
Gaming Discord made for finding teammates and winning games! If you play one of these games use the command in #bot-spam : !gmod !csgo !madden !fortnite !victoria2 Enjoy winning!
Новый развивающийся русский сервер, нацеленный на игровое комьюнити. Общение, боты, игры - есть все, что нужно для развлечения и отдыха. Будем рады увидеть Вас на нашем сервере! (〃^▽^〃)
Hello! Welcome To My Discord, It Is Mainly Gaming-Based You Could Find People Who Play The Same Games You Play Like: PUBG, Dead By Daylight, Rust, Deceit, And Many More! We Hope You Will Join And Stay In Our Growing Community!
RGL is a Gaming Community looking to be one of the best out there! We have a gmod server, plenty of players, music bots and more!
[FR] Vitch Gaming
Meme And General Stupidity Discord Basically do whatever idc unless it breaks some of the few rules in there or listed on the discord channels, This is a very old discord it's Been around since Discord first came out. I need more people to harass when im bored so like join if you want we have a lot of weird bots in here.
The Royal Goliath is an active, friendly and constantly growing community of friends, groups and large gaming guilds. Our Discord is extremely user friendly and works on a subscription basis. If you don't like a certain game, you don't have to see it! Simply subscribe to those you wish to see and you'll meet new people also subscribed to this game. We offer many games and host servers on some, these include but are not limited to ARMA 3, GTA V, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Conqueror's Blade - in addition, games you suggest expand this list! We also have a leveling system which is integrated, where applicable, to gaming servers we have as well as centrally on our Discord. Levels can not only help you in-game on some of our servers, but your level can gain you free game keys or features from giveaways we host. If you're interested in joining us, we are extremely active and are looking for chilled gamers to become part of our group. We are currently 140+ strong.
We make INCREDIBLE player events in the game Garry's Mod across various servers. This Discord will be used as a platform for people to work together to create various player made events across different gmod roleplay servers. Interested in having some fun moments with others and making some fun events? Check out our discord. Utilizing this discord, we can take the next step in Garry's Mod roleplay by coming together to show people what roleplay can be.
Présentation rapide du serveur. Bonjour/Bonsoir, Pour Commencez, le serveur sera à l'époque de Clone Wars, en matière de distance elles sera très grand entièrement visitable sans temps de chargement. Voici quelques fonctionnalités qu’il sera “possible” sur le serveur : -À l'inverse d’un serveur GMOD, chaque régiment aura son propre VENATOR. -Chaque joueur aura la capacité de créer ses propres animations, -Vous pourrez effectuer des appels holographiques, -Et encore plein d'autres choses qu'on pourra trouver dans la série de The Clone Wars. Nous allons faire que le serveur va pouvoir s'autogérée, c’est-à-dire, que Chaque planète / Venator aura des attaques ciblées ou non à n’importe quels moments (du moment qu’il y aura un minimum de joueurs). Le serveur sera développer sur le jeu S&BOX (Gmod 2). Le serveur sera en Phase 2 CGI. /!\Attention ce que j'ai marqué n'est pas forcément applicable/!\
Talk to People, find a team, post memes, play ps4 Minecraft modded maps.
Welcoming community with server economy, fun games and bots, XP/level system and much more.
Game Creators Area a pour but de favoriser l’entraide entre créateurs de contenu mais aussi de répondre aux question des fondateurs de serveur de jeux ! Principalement axé sur la création de contenu pour différents jeux, vous trouverez de l'entraide pour le mapping, lua, web, graphisme mais aussi la modélisation et la création de bot. GCA organise aussi des événement afin de mettre en compétition les créateurs de contenu et récompenser les meilleurs!
Serveur Discord communautaire sur le jeu S&box
Colorada Gaming is a gaming community focused on bringing people together through sociability and gaming.
Why Titanium? 2+ Years Experience in Hosting between our staff. DDoS Mitigation and Protection We offer very good hardware for all kinds of communities. Fantastic Control Interface Including Player Statistics, Auto Installers & More Dedicated Helpful Support Team 24/7
TheBox is a small community that was made in 2017. We host a small sandbox server on Garry's Mod and also host a Terraria server.
Frivolous is a small network that is based around Garry's Mod and Minecraft. We are currently working on a Minecraft Survival Server and a DarkRP and TTT Server.