Anime, manga, gaming, fun and active community. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!
❣ A server for Epic Seven fans to hang out, make new friends, test and show off different teams, find a guild, and be a part of a loving and accepting community ❣
A Guild Revolving around the Roblox Game Dungeon Quest.
HydroSquad is a hella laid back environment where we talk about retarded sheit n just hang about playin geams as one big fAmrY UwU. i wont be like those gay servers and say we wont judge you btw, cause we will, alot, probably.
<Order of the Wolves> is now recruiting new members to join our ranks. Our aim is to foster a laid back community for new and returning players.
<Aotearoa Prime> International Gaming Community. Founded in May 2018 originally as an open recruitment casual guild on BDO SEA we are now playing Trove NA.
HI, and welcome to Mara's Favor. We are a new Guild for Elder Scrolls Online. We help new players navigate the complex world of Tamriel and have been playing ESO for 3 years on both Xbox and now on PC. We welcome CP level players as well as we progress thru Vet Dungeons and Trials. Mara's would love to meet you!
[Apocálypse] is an old returning dedicated PvP/PvE guild looking for more players like us! We plan on forming groups for RBG's/Arenas/Raiding/Mythic Keys! We look forward to having anyone new/old to join us on the battlefield!
This is a Roblox game related group. Zombie Rush is a popular game on Roblox, this is a clan dedicated to Zombie Rush. We have stats from the wiki, tips, invite rewards and more goodies.
Guild Wars 2, Community, Guide, News, Help, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Raid, PVE, PVP, WVW, Fractals, Economy.
This is a company server for the upcoming MMO New World. Come join us if you are a Covenant and want to be part of a Company in the game! :D
Cool Hypixel community that originated from a Guild but now became bigger than the guild itself, we have lots of active voice and text chat users, a cool layout and mature staff. Thank you for joining and have fun!
We wear our vices on our sleeve and are looking for new members for our pretty functional family! We play WoW(Horde-Illidan), MHW, SFV, League, and a bunch of other games. Drop-in and say "Sup, c*nts" Warning: Offensive language
The official Discord server of the 47th Legion:
We are a ROBLOX Arsenal server looking to be successful and grow! We hope you join and stay because we have many things for you to look forward to! (I hope) Thanks!
CURA GAY - Curando desde 1999
Its a cult around a Volleyball. What do you expect? Basically, it is a small, relatively new community. We are a guild, a 'cult' and generally people who like to ramble and mess around. We also have plenty of bots to keep you entertained and take suggestions.
The Lore Writers' Guild is a writing, art and poetry sharing community, with fun writing minigames.
Kom gezellig meepraten over ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) en maak kennis met onze Guild, of misschien wilt u alleen praten alles is mogelijk bij ons!
Brand new Black Desert Online Guild! Join us to have fun!
7,8,9,10,11,12. Sınıflara tamamen ücretsiz derslerde yardımcı olmayı hedefleyen sunucu.
OPTIMA is a Global Mobile eSports gaming guild consisting of a community of 200+ friendly and passionate gamers from all around the world. Our Goal is to achieve incredible success and won numerous championships across multiple games. Come and join the official Discord Server of OPTIMA to chat with fellow gamers, hangout in voice channels and make new friends here! We currently have casual/competitive members for: ● COD Mobile ● PUBG Mobile ● Shadowgun Legends ● Injustice 2 ● Modern Combat Versus ● Asphalt 9
When we dream, our souls float up through the sky and resonate together in a faraway place. In this phantasm, we shall have endless entertainment. Welcome to Kazoku Moon.
Полухардкорный клан .sy^ syndikat. Ночной кошмар всех нормисов в играх. Особенно ртс. Мы делаем кринж в играх, постим кринж, теряем подписчиков. Заходи!
Not every server was made by the hands of the lord and savior himself...except for one. It is said that the server is filled with joy, love, peace and memes which many people seek.Well we live right next door to those guys so don't expect any of that shit from us. Well maybe the memes.
Join up make friends or just ask for help and never look back no judgement just play ^-^
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