A discord community that aims to provide a positive, constructive, and welcoming discussion hub for firearms and firearms related subjects.
SHK Airsoft is a growing airsoft community. We plan on making global CQB airsoft arenas around the world. Currently we are working on finding a warehouse to customize. If you are into art you can by all means make and share gun skin ideas. Please join, if our community hasn't already grown in the area you live, maybe you could help out and start up SHK wherever you live!
We're a small community dedicated to discussing firearms, shooting sport, gun laws, and other related topics in the USA from a centralist to liberal point of view. We welcome people of all ages, race, creed, orientation, nationalities, and beliefs.
The Apex Operations Force or AOF is an elite operations force with multiple divisions. We strive to be our best through a series of physical training, combat drills, and mental puzzles. If you're looking for a Roblox Military, Join the AOF Today! These include: Office of Research and Intelligence High Command Army Navy Air
We talk guns,ammo, handloading, rifle building, gun smithing, part kits, and more. Come on down. Come on down to the gun extravaganza. Come on down and see our new Luigi-themed 1911. Come on down.
The 2nd Battalion Rifles Milsim Group is always recruiting for RDR2 on xbox one, If you are interested in joining the best and longest running milsim team on RDR2 join the server!
Guns and Knives Inc. is a central chat hub for all murderous games on Roblox.
Dusty Roads is a roleplay server focused in the Wild West period of time, in this server, it is the last days of the Wild West as the Industrial Revolution slowly approaches the dusty lands in western America, but many problems still plague the land, problems that have existed since the very beginning, and now...are you here to make those problems worse? or are you here to enforce what you call justice...I will never know...but you will decide for yourself in the wild land that is about to be tamed by the industrialism and government control. (The Roleplay is based off of Red Dead Redemption, but is not entirely the same.)
A cult, nation, and tribe. Join now.
If ur bored then join lmfao. WELCOME TO .45 GLOC We are a community designed to provide help for users suffering from the following: depression, boredom, racing thoughts, stress, anxiety, lower back pain, migraines, and other familiar illnesses! Ig you can call it a “one server to rule them all” type community UWU. Gaming, chatting, music, partying, drug use, art, gambling, crime, furry shit, and anime shit is all welcome!!!!
entre e participa conosco para o free fire um jogo de fps que esta dominando o mundo