Unique growing hardcore factions server featuring the classic hardcore factions while also offering new-gen OP hardcore factions.
Minecraft Server
LegacyMC is back! Legacy Will be restarting the servers as Kitmap, other wise known as KitPvP with a HCF twist. Expect a release date soon in our discord, we are working on it at priority level 1. Announcements in the discord soon to follow. In need of staff! If you are interested in staffing the server, please follow the below stated link and fill out the form. Applications will be sorted through soon. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfrfeXUw5FcMLd2kXSfl0YcNlgfl84u1FYImVllO3ICFAlg7g/viewform Servers are up! IP: play.legacymc.xyz Store: legacymc.tebex.io Discord: https://discord.gg/cnArnGh Active Invite contest, winner receives Legacy Rank.
Releasing Soon To be updated make sure to join our discord What we offer: 🌟Custom HCF🌟 🌟Custom Hub🌟 🌟Custom & Profesional Staff Team🌟 🌟Ability Items🌟 🌟Profesional Owners🌟 🌟Mature Staff & Players🌟 🌟And a lot more🌟
ReimannMc · Custom crates · Pvp · Custom enchants · IS top prizes · Custom warps ReimannMc is a multi gamemode server. The server is brand new and will be releasing in june. Stop by our discord for free ranks, crate keys and more!
Discord para la comunidad de HCF con invites reward y actualizaciones de hcf
YaraPVP is all sorts of Pvp server. You can play Kitpvp, factions and much more.
A Discord Server For The Network DeadlyMC
Server based on the experiences of the players, giving the best experience in gameplay.
BulletPvP Network's public Discord.
A Minecraft PvP Network for you all to enjoy. We're 1.7 x 1.8 & love to talk about anything Anime/Manga related!
HermesHQ network is a new HCF server that is trying to revive old HCF like it was supposed to be: Hardcore, no crates, no P2W. Our ownership team is very experienced and is trying to provide the best experience for you.
PracticePvP - HCF - ComboFly Pvp server
Hello There!​ My name is Ocualin and I am the acting manager for Ripstream. Ripstream is currently looking for experienced, professional, and mature staff members to further improve player satisfaction. Ripstream is a HCF server in development looking for players! We hope to see you there! We Need Staff! The vacant positions Platform Administrator - 0/1 Head Administrator - 1/1 Administrator - 0/3 Head Moderator - 0/1 Moderator - 1/3 Head Helper - 0/1 Helper -0/3 The requirements are as followed - At least 14 - Has working Microphone - Has prior experience - Comfortable working with others This is a Minecraft HCF and if you are interested in a position on the Ripstream staff team, don't hesitate and add me on discord, Ocualin#8749. The Server Is Not Out Yet https://discord.gg/v6rgDzu
Brand new upcoming Hardcore Faction server!
Minecraft Network | PvP Server
Clan oficial competitivo de Minecraft Dedicados especialmente a las modalidades de HCF y Factions. Miembros de SA, NA y EU Official clan competitive of Minecraft dedicated especially to modalities of HCF and Factions. Members from SA, NA & EU