Role-Playing | Social
There’s channels for chatting, art, bots, music, & free-roam rping. Setting’s basically a lodge in the middle of a secluded island as place to relax & have fun, any fandom &/or characters are welcome.
Community | Social
Hi! Welcome to Holiday Cafe. Here we can talk about holidays! It doesn't depend what you celebrate. You can still say something about what you celebrate. Leave suggestions in the holiday suggestions channel if you celebrate a holiday from another country besides America. Other than that, enjoy your stay at Holiday Cafe! (I know it's not a really good server but give it a chance ;-;)
Gaming | Social
Whether you're here to play our private server, or just here to chat, we are always looking for new friends! There are many fun things to do here, including a modern leveling system, custom roles, and giveaways for discord nitro and other prizes! Stop by and take a look around! You won't regret it.
Community | Emoji
-Christmas Emoji Server- we have all types of Christmas theme emojis and you can advertise your own server