Welcome to Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss Fanclub! This is a fan server dedicated to Vivziepop's cartoons "Hazbin Hotel" and "Helluva Boss" available on YouTube! It has much less rules and restrictions than most other HH fan servers to make everyone's stay as pleasant as possible! -= RULES =- - talk in English ONLY - don't be a dick, joining the server only the start drama, spam or insult other member will result in a ban - NO SPAMMING outside #shitposting_cursed , that includes copypastas and emote spam - keep everything in the right channels - keep NSFW only in the NSFW category, while suggestive talks are allowed in all channels, DO NOT GO TOO FAR WITH THEM - keep offensive/triggering topics in #earth_vent and #fights_n_shit ONLY - choose your roles in #general_roles and #character_roles - respect the mods, ignoring a warning or insulting a mod will result in a ban
Looking for a friendly and polite place to make friends? If so, you're in luck! The Triplesun Hotel is a hotel-themed social Discord server with the intent of creating a friendly hospitable place for people to connect, make new friends, and build friend groups. This isn't your typical meme-sharing "chill" server full of strange uncivil people, it is instead a place for people to get together, share their interests, and to have a place to chat civilly without the worries of toxic individuals and incivility. It is a recently released server that currently doesn't have many people, so it could help if you be one of the first people to join and help it out a little. The more members, the more features the server will have and the better it will be. People of all shapes and sizes are accepted, so don't hesitate to join! See you there!
New server i've made , for now there's only me and i need some help to maintain it , feel free to come in , hoping to become a big community with a lot of people ! :3
We have multiple channels including fan art sections and a channel for all your theories.
Just an unoffical Hazbin Hotel server trying to get big! Not very NSFW, except for the show (By VivziePop on Youtube) and the vulgar category! When you join, make sure to check in! ~K
Welcome to Luxury Lodging Travel Club! Join a community of travelers and get special discounts on various travel expenditures. Find travel tips and great places to visit.
Rifting Server for the game of Hotel Hideaway.
A Discord Server themed after a hotel, you can travel to different floors with an elevator, and each floor has different stuff to do! Heavily focused on socialization and community but there are gaming channels as well.
Royal Creek Resort The Royal Creek Resort is a roleplay where you can do everything and anything you can do in an actual hotel with friends! Including going to the casino, booking a room, visiting our large pool waterpark, relaxing in our spa, AND MORE! ⭐ Friendly & Active Members ⭐ Fun Roleplay Experience ⭐ Lots of different activities around the Resort ⭐ Amazing Staff ⭐ Different Events to Enter Our mission is to provide a family-friendly hospitality experience where you can enjoy as much time as you would like using our services. You can come alone, with a group, or even with your family. The Resort is great for all ages and we can guarantee the whole family will have a great bundle of fun! Everyone is welcome at our resort.
Small Hotel. [STAFF NEEDED][ADMINS NEEDED][OPEN TO ALL PEOPLE] 5 Standard Rooms 3 Suites [Real Payment]
Passion is a Roblox hotel rolaplay group. Our Motto: "We have Passion to make sure your stay is a night to remember!" Passion was founded on 04/16/2019 by rkgamesplay _____________________________________ When it’s time for a hotel getaway, Passion offers unique travel packages and great deals, each with a long lasting comforting stay and a satisfaction Guarantee! ☎️ We provide various hotels across ROBLOX each with it's own style and location.
Vous êtes désormais prisonnier d'un Hôtel dont les limites ne sont figées ni par l'Espace, ni par le Temps. Vous habitez dans ce qui sera, un jour au l'autre, votre tombeau. Jamais les Grooms de cet hôtel fantastique ne vous laisseront quitter les lieux ... du moins pas en vie. L'Hôtel Arras est un serveur Rôle-Play francophone. Vous y incarnez un client de l'hôtel prisonnier de ce dernier. De très nombreuses choses se passent dans cet hôtel ...