have you ever searched for a discord server that you can say whatever the fuck you want in without any consequences, a server where you can find an e-girl to simp over, a place where you can chat for hours on end? if you said yes to any of these questions then this server is for you. unfortunately we literally dont have any members lmao so please join
We are a welcoming and growing community, the chat ain't active 24/7, but hopefully you can help make that happen. We are blackpilled as fuck.
Hi everyone! Welcome to Habibi Hub, we have intellectuals and retards alike, but we're all habibis! Now, i could give you a million reasons to join, but heres a few: - Our own Minecraft Server! - Active Voicechats! - Welcoming Community! - E-girls and Habibis! - Memes and Porn
Welcome to the Hive! It was created as a place for red-pilled or black-pilled individuals to meet and share ideas. It is a place for debates, discussions, and making long-lasting friendships. We offer: * Self-assignable roles * 100+ emotes * Loads of bots (Including custom Bee Bot) * Minecraft server * Dating channels * Frequent game nights * Level 2 Nitro Boost
femcel server. all incels welcome!! come n chat :)
Server for gamer girls, made by gamer girls.