- TheGangster 22.12.2017 Tarihinden bu yana siz değerli oyuncularımızla gerek yeni dostluk edinmek, gerek dostlukları pekiştirmek amacıyla hepinizi de yanımızda görmeyi istiyoruz. Büyük bir oyuncu topluluğu hedefi ile kurulan TheGangster, bizimle birlikte kalan oyuncularımız, desteğini esirgemeyen yetkililerimiz ile devamlı büyüyeceğiz. TheGangster'ın bir parçası olan herkese teşekkürler...
Ban-Hammer is an oceanic community that is centred around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Official ShadowPupGaming server. ShadowPupGaming is a ROBLOX based streamer and YouTuber. Come join us and have some fun!
Founded in 2017 is a community that hangs on its case aiming for help and fun for players. -Social Media youtube.com/kanwit instagram.com/kanwitcom steamcommunity.com/groups/kanwit - CSGO Servers ( DNS ) awp.kanwit.com jb.kanwit.com
We jailbreak, post memes, just hang out and maybe some anime.
A fan discord group for a YouTube channel named Trusted Times who makes videos about Roblox gameplay.
Organizace KBD(kubad.eu) je více než jenom herní portál který nabízí Jailbreak ale NEWS a další věci budou následovat.
Csgo, Jailbreak, Pelikentta, Pelikenttä, Vankilapako
a server for selling and buying roblox in-game: money, furniture, transport, help etc
This server is for Great Star Fans! By the one and only great star.
Roblox Discussion is a group that all Roblox users can enjoy. We are new so looking for members and staff.
Discuss jailbreaking iOS
Suomalainen CS:GO yhteisö.
Unofficial jailbreaking Discord server for all your iOS needs.
Official server of PassiveModding Primarily for software development, in particular discord bots and console tools and more!
Welcome to Game Grinders! Instantly get access to various Roblox VIP servers and talk with a chill community. You can also get help from pros at games! Come request a game that we should get a VIP Server in! We currently have VIP servers in these games: Booga Booga, Murder Mystery 2, Factory Town, Jailbreak, Bad Business, and Doomspire!
A Roblox Community Discord Server, in which you can assign yourself roles of the games you play, interact with other Roblox players, and have fun.
Amazing Roblox Scripting Server, Regular Updates For Both Paid And Free Executors
Cool Roblox Exploiting Server, Scripts Released And Worked On Regularly, Good Community
Jailbreak and Hackintosh related topics