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This is a server where you can meet new people, play with people, make new friends, and Have FUN!
Gaming | Sports
We would like to invite you to come to join our Esports Organisation. To join the Team you will need to send us some clips on our submissions channels for the category you are choosing to apply for. The main game we are focusing on for our comp team is Fortnite so we will be looking for Fortnite players to join and represent the team. As of now, we are based in OCE servers but will be looking to gain members from other servers like NA and the EU. We hope you make the team, DF Zokyu DF PeachyAbigail
Gaming | Hobbies
Come join us for all things gaming (especially for all you persona fans) or if your not much of a gamer and your just lookin to join for some comradery and good times we do that to Im positive youll find your place on this server in no time :)
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Make friends, tell friends, join now, new.