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we are 🍧doubles friendly! 🍧free of any drama! 🍧welcoming of everyone! 🍧do kin requests in server! hope u join today
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Epic kin server 🍞All triggers welcome 🍞Exciting weekly VCs, game, and draw nights! 🍞System friendly 🍞Doubles friendly 🍞Nice, drama free community 🍞No Factkin 🍞A house system where you get to have your own groupchat with your friends in-server! 🍞Request kin content (pastries) in the server to be made by Bakers immediately! ✨Have fun!✨
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combination jojo kin and fanon server 🥝14+ 🥝doubles friendly 🥝system friendly 🥝self assignable kins! 🥝weekly fanon talk, VCs, and roleplays 🥝friends only channels (apply to get!) 🥝drama-free 🥝strong anti-raid/troll moderation 🥝no factkin or proshippers allowed