Furry | Social
A server dedicated to relaxation and making friends. Active and friendly staff, lovely userbase, and a variety of entertainment including games, memes, bot channels, art, food, music, and more!
Social | Entertainment
﹒₊˚𓂃 haven ! ૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა 𓂃 . 𖥻 a sfw hangout 𖥻 friendly community & staff 𖥻 fun bots 𖥻 booster perks 𖥻 hypixel guild 𖥻 dark academia themed 𖥻 join if you’re cool ଘ੭ˊᵕˋ੭~✧ʚ 。゚゚・。・゚゚
Role-Playing | LGBT
A friendly rp server focused on the wonders of fantasy, we welcome all those who join for a good time, and we hope you find what it is you want here!
Entertainment | Hobbies
Hi there! Welcome to our club (non-virgins may also join)! We have lots of fun channels and stupid owners! We respect everyone and take care of each other, I just made this server recently so it's still hot and fresh! Hope you enjoy your stay Love, junkxx
Community | Gaming
☁️ Welcome to Cloud 9! ☁️ We have much to offer. Some things our server has are: - The ability to chat with members 👋 - Meeting new people and friends - Active VC everyday 🔊 - Dating! 💕 (Planned) - Self-Roles (Coming Soon) - An NSFW section 🔞
Social | Hobbies
Come and hang out! Talk about anything, and make some new friends!
Gaming | Community
A Server for all, come and enjoy being part of our small community. A lot of NSFW channels but for people who don't like that kinda stuff, fret not! It is naked to the human eye without the NSFW role. This way everyone can enjoy the server in whatever way they want to ;)
Entertainment | Social
Series, películas, anime, kpop y videojuegos en un solo lugar.
Gaming | Anime
Our discord server is an inclusive discord server which covers a wide-variety of interests.
Community | Gaming
You are invited to join our three-year-old server The Playground! We are a socially-focused server of friends looking for more friends! We have monthly giveaways of games ('cause we love our members)! We also have around-the-clock staff to help with any and all situations! We have many LGBT gamers looking for supportive teammates in many games!
Community | Social
A wholesome community server to chill and talk about your favourite games with other fellow members and a friendly staff
Community | Meme
very swaggy server lgbtq friendly has nothing to do w politics, just for fun, this is a brand new server.
Leftist HQ is a server for constructive political dialogue, chill chatting, polls, memes, and events. We are generally Marxist, but we accept anyone willing to hold dialogue respectfully