Community | Social
A social, safe for work and semi-active server with a friendly, welcoming and non-toxic community! We also have frequent events, activities and giveaways!
Community | Gaming
The official Strega Games Discord server!
Technology | Bot
Heyo! Do YOU really want that alphastar game but you can't afford it? Do you want to play with a ton of bots? Do you want bitcoin giveaways and so much more? Well then come to Ice Cold Studios!
Science | Community
Lucid dreaming community
Community | Education
We're a chill and welcoming community discord server that mainly centres around lucid dreaming with both beginners and experienced lucid dreamers.
Social | Community
Welcome to Halcyon a very chill and aesthetic community where you can vibe out and do anything you want.
Hobbies | Social
A server dedicated to Lucid Dreaming with lots of Harry Potter references! Come join!
Hobbies | Community
😴We are a friendly lucid dreaming server where you can chat with experienced lucid dreamers, get advice, and hang out! 📖Tons of resources and lucid dreaming guides