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This is a server dedicated to Sailor Moon where you can talk about both the anime and manga and get to know our community. Enjoy your stay!
Role-Playing | Writing
You receive a letter in the mail. It's a letter from a prestigious academy for the gifted. ================ Dear Student, We are excited to inform you that you have been accepted to Potens Academy. As you will already know by now, Potens Academy is a school that welcomes those gifted with magical abilities. We shall train you to use your magic to your full potential, putting your wits to the test. ================ What We Offer ꒰☁️꒱┆Active Staff to help you on your way ꒰🌸꒱┆Social hangouts to help make friends ꒰☁️꒱┆Events and giveaways ꒰🌸꒱┆Roleplay help/guidance ꒰☁️꒱┆A diverse community - No matter how you roleplay, you will always be welcomed ꒰🌸꒱┆Partnerships ================ 🍥 Server Invite:
Writing | Role-Playing
⚜Welcome to Phoenix Academy!⚜ We are a new Roleplaying community that is hoping to gain some new friends and Roleplayer's alike! We are a School based in a Science Fiction/Fantasy setting that has some... Rather magical powers floating about~ We have a few interesting things here and we are always open to suggestions! A few interactive bots for people who like that sort of thing, like dank memer and Music bots. A pretty detailed Character sheet but don't let it intimidate you. Its pretty easy to fill out but is in Google Docs format. Make your own abilities, spells and races! And of course, staff who help to the best of their abilities! We're very welcoming and really hope you join us!
Role-Playing | Mature
Imagine a world full of magic. A world where, for just a bit of your sanity, you could start to interfere with it. Control it. Make the world better for all. Bring your friends to stabilize yourself, and be wary of fallen adventurers driven mad with power. But who knows-- maybe you'll be different.
Anime | Role-Playing
This is a magical fantasy roleplay that features a school-based nation that offers a new and exciting version of a Choose Your Own Adventure style of plot to an academia based setting. Its intended to be like Adventure Time/Regular Show/Steven Universe all wrapped into one in terms of silly fantasy