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Welcome To DawnPvp, A Faction Server that works for everyone! We include custom enchantments, custom plugins, custome ore, and many more!
An Minecraft Server That Is Galactic Based With The Name LunarPvP!
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We are open to any and everyone and our purpose is to make new friends
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16 year old mobile twitch streamer with 10k followers. Trying to make my server active :) come hang out and chill!
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We are a friendly Pokémon SwSh communty where you can win many IG rewards, make friends, battles, participate tournaments and much more!
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[Welcome to the server] Northern Star Forza Club is a Forza-centric community with a WIDE variety of both RP and NON - RP options to satisfy your Forza experience! With an experienced team running the server, we make sure to keep all events fair, controlled and FUN! so while we're all in quarantine, why not join us in Northern Star Forza Club? We can't wait to see you in our server!
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Just a quaint little community looking for more members to spice up what we already have! Regardless of your interest we offer many assets that interest almost anyone, such as gaming, tech, anime, art, photography, and more! I hope to see you soon, and thank you for taking the time to read this!
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This server is about killing time. Just talking to people, mini games. We also have channels for games, so you can find other players for the game you're playing
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Splegg League is the premier Hub for the niche and thrilling Minecraft game mode splegg! A Discord and Minecraft network which caters to the voice of the community to perfect providing the best experience of creating a comfortable social environment for all. Featuring weekly Saturday special events, community created maps and shop suggestions, an active staff team with round the clock availability, and Buycraft giveaways ranging from; your hub companion pets to unique server ranks! Come Check out Splegg League and get to dropping your friends! Come check us out !
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┏╋━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━╋┓ 🍉 | Welcome To Project Fruit | 🍉 ➸Introduction | 📕 This server is a awesome community and gaming server with amazing emojis for users with or without nitro, we are a chill community and me and my amazing staff team will be making this server better each day! ➸Games | 🎮 Fortnite, Rocket League, Call Of Duty are our main games within the server, also a other games chat for any other games you are interested in! ➸Mini Games | 🎰 Economy allows you to work your way up to buy roles, Pokécord allows you to choose your Pokémon as well as fight and level them up, Telephone allows you to talk to users in other servers! ➸Giveaways | 🎁 We are doing huge and awesome giveaways almost everyday so join and get a chance to win! ➸General | 🎈 Join our server and chill with our members and staff team just click the button below and welcome to the Project Fruit server! ┗╋━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━╋┛
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Laid back server were we love to take users suggestions. Custom unique server with a organized layout to make navigation easier.
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~Staff Member Required - Hurry up and Join this Server and Apply for Staff role.
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This server has many channels form gaming to memes. This server is meant to be a chill zone and gaming server we have tones of bots that provide mini games