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3D Art and Design Server for everyone! More than 1300 members connect here and share stuff like blender models, game renders, help each other out, give ops on designs or just chat. There are also rewards for people who invite people or are active on the server like exclusive 3D renders of products or selfmade models by the owner known as JanDZNs. Join and make it into the featured art chat today!
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The hottest girls in the world!!! All in one place! GIVEAWAY IN PROGRESS JOIN US TO WIN YOUR NITRO GAME/CLASSIC
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(FEMALES ONLY) Welcome to the Zack's Foot Models Server. As you can probably guess, my name is Zack, i run a youtube channel called Satoshi Yoing with 1.3k subscribers. I use this channel to help foot models to increase their popularity and for them to get customers! Im always seeking new models so if your interested, go straight to rules and then post an introduction, and i shall dm you
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A new and growing community for game developers, artists and gamers. If you love this stuff, want to socialize with people who do it, or better, learn it, then this is the place for you. We host links to great articles, resources, challenges and events. The only thing we don't have is you. Join us, we'll be worth your time.
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A builders playground to share your latest projects, discuss techniques with others and support beginners on their first project.