Gaming | Hobbies
A fun server dedicated to making friends of all backgrounds and spending evenings with good company - playing games!
Gaming | Community
This is a chill community/hangout/gaming server open to everyone. This server is moderated to don't worry!
Community | Social
Hello to the person who's reading this. We are the Legion, a server meant for anyone to join and feel welcome. We do have a fair amount of rules for you to follow, but as it stands with every other server, as long as you follow them, this is a place to just enjoy being in. We hope that we'll be able to grow to a point where you'll be able to find people who are just like you. As it stands, we are already somewhat approaching our goal with an increasing number of people joining, and that's thanks to all of you who decided to join! Even if you're going to be inactive most of the time, everyone is welcome. There are more things I'd love to say, but I'm running out of space. So without further ado, I welcome you to the Legion.
Community | Anime
Welcome to Subway's Resort! We are hosting an active, fun and chill server for anyone to join. This server is completely open to anything. Anime, games, wholesome memes, whatever you want. It's just a server to talk about... well, anything! The server also includes self roles, a decent amount of bots, a variety of different text channels, and a level system that gives you higher ranks in the server as you chat! We will work to keep the server active and moderated as time goes on, but for now we've gotta grow the server. If you're on the edge about joining, give it a shot, and if you don't like it and leave, then no hard feelings.
Community | Entertainment
Socialites is a social discord where you can join to hang out! We offer both family friendly content as well as an 18+ section with less strict roles but still moderated. Join to check out what it's about!
Emoji | Social
This Discord is simply just for Emojis both inside and outside the Discord by Nitro users.
Gaming | Language
A server for games
Community | Programming
Welcome to the official discord community of @FUTC.Coding. We created this server in the hopes of unifying the community and building a space where programmers and makers from all over the world can help each other, collaborate and discuss all areas of technology. It doesn't matter if you're interested in learning programming and have never written a line of code in your life, or are a seasoned professional. You'll proably always find somebody here who's able to help you and give you some tips. Or maybe you just want to philosophize about life, the universe and everything or exchange plans for galactic domination. Whatever it is, have fun and be respectful of others. If you have any suggestions for improving this discord server, feel free to reach out to me.
Gaming | Community
A Crtitical Ops leak server that will give you instant updates and leaks, with a friendly community and moderation team!