Welcome to OG Crew where we are all OG's!! This is a new smaller but a fun and cute server with great colors! If you enjoy a calmer and more aesthetic discord experience this is the server for you!
Decades after the battle of Hogwarts, most professors have retired except for Headmistress Minerva McGonagall. Throughout these past few years, many things have occurred. Hundreds of secret passages have been discovered by both the Ministry and the professors, some of them keeping these passages a secret. There have been several scares recently as remaining Death Eaters have began to attack the muggle world, leaving the Ministry's Aurors to deal with both the witnesses and the dark witches and wizards. Hogwarts has remained on high alert and have several Aurors constantly on patrol. Dueling classes have began at Hogwarts for students to defend themselves against a potential dark arts user. Students are even allowed to to spar in the training grounds as long as there is a professor observing or one of the aurors who are meant to guard the grounds. The ministry tries to keep everything normal at Hogwarts, keeping their events on track such as the Triwizard tournament and other such thing
╱╲❀╱╲╱╲❀╱╲╱╲❀╱╲╱╲❀╱╲╱╲❀╱╲╱╲❀╱╲╱╲❀╱╲╱╲❀╱╲╱╲❀ A new growing community that is friendly to those friendly to others, We provide a nice server for those that hate toxic communities. We allow jokes but no trolls. ୨୧ movie time, k-drama time and other event pings ୨୧ cute colored roles ୨୧ nice community members ୨୧ fun server bots
We'd really like you to join if you're interested. If you do, Have fun :)
wicked the hedgehog is a hedgehog that is 14 years old and he has a gun and a katana that he uses to fight his stepdad vince and got his scars from fighting vince. his special abilitey is turning invisible when the bullies at school make fun of him and running fast away from theyre mean words. one day he will use his katana and gun to fight the bullies at school and math teacher mr wilkins.
Chill community Gatherings Events Movies Gaming
This is place where you get everything in one place like open market fir example Game tournaments, earn money, all trivia answer, movie, songs ,app,fun and much more.
Welcome to Tempest Town! This server isn't owned by a popular YouTuber or streamer, let alone anyone who's trying to be. Rather it's run by a group of friends, just like every other common discord user. We sit in voice chat every single day and we just shoot the shit, sometimes play games, watch movies, and really anything else. We're always interested in making new friends so don't be afraid to hop in and say hi! ------------------------------------------------- WE PROVIDE: - Daily and Active voice-chats - An overall active community - Public Game Nights - Public Movie Nights - Self-hosted Nadeko Bot and Music Bot & Much More! ------------------------------------------------- Feel free to join and invite your friends! We're a down to earth and not socially awkward group of friends and we're actively looking for new members! See you then! (NO FURRIES ALLOWED)
A new gaming and anime server. Looking to build a great community. LFG groups. Self promotion for your content. Game specific channels. Trying to improve very day.
A film, book, video game, tv show server
We are a big community/fandom based on the DC Universe. Discussions ranging from, roleplay, fan fiction, rants, theories, and much more! Get updates about the DCU!
Welcome to DailyClips! Here you can find clips, moments and scenes from your favourite movie! If you already missed it, an official discord server has been created for this channel! The main purpose of the server is to allow myself to interact with you lot, share some laughter and allow you guys to give video suggestions. Hope to see you soon!
Social mood zone. We're in a spaceship right now heading away from bad vibes. Share your art, music taste, instagram toe pic accounts, whatever. You can also join the sleep channel where we watch classic tom and jerry cartoons and just talk til we pass out
Membahas KPOP, Animanga, atau apapun yang berbau Korea dan Jepang, serta acara western dan komik superhero western. Bagi yang suka nonton film apa pun itu juga tersedia.
🚫 | 14+ 👀 | egirls & eboys 🕺 | sexy ppl 💫 | new com 🥚 | memes 🎤 | karaoke 📺 | movie nights
A chill server that welcomes all!
Events, Giveaways, Camping, Gaming, Anime, Emotes, Event Nights such as Movie and Animes.
QC is a server dedacated to group movies,group games, and much more
Movies and Filmmaking is the #1 movies discussion discord server. With a variety of community events, expanding community, and custom bots, this is the place to talk film. If you're a filmmaker, we also have opportunities and channels for you to discuss with professional filmmakers and others around
🚀 ASGARD KİNGDOM https://discord.gg/NMDZD7A ✔️ Kişisel rol seçme odalarımız vardır. 💬 Saygı çerçevesinde sohbet. 🎮 Ödüllü Csgo Turnuvalarımız yapılıcak. 🏆 Zaman geçirmek için güzel bir mekan. 🎁 Netflix çekilişimiz vardır. 💻 Film & Yabancı Dizi sohbetleri. https://discord.gg/NMDZD7A
Temel Kategoriler: Anime, Manga, Oyun, Sinema, Konu Dışı, Müzik, Çizim, Sonic ve Dragon Ball. Sunucumuzda siyaset ve din dışında kalan hemen her türlü konuda sohbet ve muhabbet etmeye izin var. Ama ağırlıklı olarak anime ve oyun üzerine konuşuyoruz. Kategoriler ilginizi çektiyse bekleriz.
Halo teman-teman semuanya.. Tujuan dibuatnya Discord ini , untuk menyalurkan hal-hal baik dan positif! Dari mulai Film,Music,Game,Sport atau kalian Filmmaker,Graphic Design,Photography,Art, Musician, Programmer,Content Creator Dll . Saya berharap bisa menjadi sarana/wadah berkarya untuk siapapun dan serta sebagai sarana untuk berkomunikasi/interaksi teman-teman semua.
(16+) We promote Positive Vibes through games like OW, Movie Nights, AND our very own Server-wide Overwatch League!
lonely women who want to find friends to voice chat with and watch films with, play games with, have reading sessions with, etc.
سيرفر عربي حق جيل الطيبين