A breezy, social, gaming community with hosted events! Come say hi. Details of what we offer: Events: - Karaoke & Move Nights - League customs & Tournaments - Casual game nights (Jackbox, etc) - Giveaways (gaming loot, nitro, etc) Server Features: - Colored Roles - Level up bot - Economy bot - Pokechord - Waifu bot Custom Bots: - Chat Activity Leaderboard! Compete to rise to the top (+bi-weekly rewards) - Custom modmail bot where you can reach the staff discretely - Custom welcome banner - Custom quote bot! You can buy quotes that generate in channels - Custom League of Legends inhouse (5vs5) bot with our own ranked ladder
“Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.”
MIRALORIA "I Can I Will" We are a very Friendly environment service with Nostalgic features and Childhood Memories by making new Friends.and having Fun etc. We have Art, Movies, Cartoons/Anime, Music & Gaming.
Welcome to our horror server! This is a place to discuss horror movies, stories, and games with others along with talking about true crime! We have reaction roles, storytelling (text and voice), and will be organizing movie nights too!
Hope you consider joining us and participating in our Movie and Gaming Events :)
We're a community all about your favorite movies and TV shows. Find people that love the same things you do! Watch movies that you haven't seen yet or share your favorite show with your new friends.
We are not many people but i hope these numbers will get up UwU We have: - animes to watch -music -many bots with many features -wholesome community pwp -memes lol -people with same interests than you And much more! Thx for everyone joining and reading this lol
Welcome to The Cat~! We are an Open community aiming at sharing stuff we love, from music to movies, from anime to books, from sfw to nsfw! We also aim at maintaining our community as pure and as cancer-less as possible! Dont hesitate to join us because we know you have something to share!
Fun, Bots, Esport, Tournaments, ~70 supported Games
Hey there cool cats. Are you a fan of the vintage? You like classic movies, old hollywood, retro fashion, swinging music or just modern history in general? Well then this is the place for you!
This server is a Movie Theater in Discord.
A server for those who want to discuss/share stuff with each other. This server's main focus is kdrama and kmovie, but we also have room for other topics like kpop, manhwa, anime, learn Korean, Asian drama/movie, international movie, international music, fashion etc.
Welcome to our house. We hope you enjoy your stay. 🌹
Filme, Serien, Bücher
We are a community based on the Marvel Character 𝐁 𝐋 𝐀 𝐃 𝐄. You can discuss various things about the movies, comics, videogames and lots of stuff regarding Blade.
A chill server that lets you watch some cool movies.
share movie download movie with torrent chat about the movie
Welkom bij de Netflix Party Discord Deze server is voor en door jullie. Wij hebben deze discord gemaakt om een gezellige community te creëren. Wat is de bedoeling van deze discord? Het is de bedoeling om samen gezellig een film/serie te kijken en er achter af over praten of speculeren wat er in de volgende aflevering/film zal gebeuren.
Hello! this is a server for people who have Netflix Party, Netflix Party is a chrome extension and we can watch movies together whenever you'd like!
Fun, chat, music, gaming, art, anime
Nepal Discord server is not only made for gamers but any Nepalese in the discord community around the world. There is something for everyone in this community.
Stuck in quarantine like ya. Just want to chill with people of all sorts, bring vibes
Oi Oi! This a friendly small discord where you can chat, shitpost, and post memes.
The "civil war" between the avengers has just ended, Hulk and Thor are still no where to be found, Captain America and his side have become vigilante's and haven't been seen for months. Just when it seemed like the world had finally put their superheroes under control, hundreds of more have shown up, some more ruthless than anything seen before. Along with the new heroes, more villains have appeared as well, some of which threaten the very existence of the planet earth.
A place to chat about Big Hero 6 and the Big Hero 6 cartoon series! We also discuss and love many other topics, such as Kingdom Hearts, DuckTales, Transformers, and more! Feel free to join and share your fanart, fanfiction, participate in our games and contests, or just hang out.
Welcome to WLADO93 Community! Here you can find people to play with and discuss about my streams! We also encourage making friends and playing any games together! Feel free to invite any of your friends to the server!
This is the official discord server for the AlterNerdReality Network!