Gaming | Programming
This server is for when you are bored and just want to have a friend to talk to. We have active admin's that we have staff applications open for. we are trying to grow a brand new community that just allows to have people have fun and meet new people.
Gaming | Social
A Woozworld server you can find new people and talk to random people we also host frees a lot and we have a lil talk show where we spill ☕️
Gaming | Social
A Woozworld server you can find new people and talk to random people we also host frees a lot and we have a lil talk show where we spill ☕️
Gaming | Support
A slowly growing server for friendly people
Role-Playing | Community
a small furry community with a special place for rping we have a little bit of everything so join in and get your paws wet
Community | Meme
idek what this server is supposed to be? I guess just a fun place for young people to hang out and have a chat about games or memes or life or fandom crap. I just made it for a laugh with some friends. we're friendly! come join. we're all around 18 y/o so similarly aged people would probably match us best!
Gaming | Hobbies
Fun little server for meeting friends and hanging out.
Community | Gaming
『Welcome to Chat Wars!』A new, fast growing community server which will entertain you and meet new people, which combines faction team battle and chatting to have fun with your mates. 🍻 -This are the following special features we offer in this server.... ✨║ Over 30+ self assignable roles, 45+ channels to entertain you 🎉║ Weekly events held (Karaoke Night, Movies, Games battle, Monthly Contest, Chat Wars got talent.. etc.) 🔊║ Active VC's for people who prefer to communicate through voice channels 💍 ║ Level Rewards and Shop systems available 👋║ Friendly staffs and members 👌 ║ Daily memes, questions coming out fresh 🙌║ Open to partnerships and affiliates ⚔️║ Faction team battle which include house points and get amazing rewards So what are you waiting for, join our community now and have fun with us!!!🔥
Gaming | Hobbies
▲────◇TenMapsGames Discord Server◇────▲ The TMG the Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition Map Content Creators ∴━━━Our Server Serve━━━∴ ☑️24/7 Help Support ☑️Minecraft Maps Creator to Apply as TMG Community ∴━━━News And Information━━━∴ ☑️Received TMG Game Maps Updates ☑️ Received Maps Updates Logs ======{Staff}======== ☑️ Family Friendly ☑️Serve you 24 hours
Community | Social
welcome to 匚卄丨ㄥㄥ ㄖㄩㄒ, the best server to chill out and find new friends to chat with!
Music | Social
welcome to space! we are a small, new server focused on kpop, aesthetics, and more! please consider joining to meet new friends, listen to music, and more! this server is still under development, and we are looking for more mods! please join if you are looking to mod a small, new server!
Gaming | Social
Want to join a server where you can meet cool new people with similar interests? Like gaming (or as we call it "gamiing")? Maybe you want a new place to submit your memes? If you answered yes to any of these then this is the Discord server for you! Everyone are welcome!
Community | Gaming
u wanna waste ur fkn Time with TOXIC People?, JOIN US TO discuss CRINGE Topics that make u feel LIKE a SCORPION BITE.
Social | Community
We, worm kind, will no longer be silenced. WORMS RISE UP
Community | Hobbies
A growing server <3
Community | Gaming
Hey! Welcome to Twistashio's Palace aka me! In this discord server you can share your thoughts about my videos, chat with each other about games and give suggestions! Have fun!
Entertainment | Hobbies
It’s kind of a mafia server
Community | Growth
This server is for gamers who wants specific servers for specific games we want of course to make a minecraft server for you any time, and we offer emojis, new friends, boosters chat and vc, help with any kind of stuff, were always open for all of you, this server is for EVERYONE
Gaming | YouTuber
Comunitatea NEXS ROMÂNIA a luat amploare în anul 2019 ca o simplă comunitate, a fost o perioadă inactivă dar acum am revenit în forțe noi și dorim să oferim un mediu cât mai frumos, și cât mai primitiv pentru toti jucătorii de pe server, vă așteptăm cu brațele deschise pe toți
Community | Gaming
Small community just trying to grow and have fun. Need ideas and tips and can’t wait to have some great new people !
Gaming | Community
Wanna help build a small gaming community that brings people together, regardless of backgrounds or differences? Then come join Jazzy's Snazzy Server, where you can meet new people, make friends, and play games together! We also have resources for those in need of mental or physical support (examples include suicide hotlines, domestic abuse websites, LGBT help, and more).
Gaming | Community
RESILIENCE of Chaos is a server for gamers, who needs people to play with, in different games. We are here for fun, and to have a good time, while playing the games we love :)