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Investing | Financial | Community
Momentum Trades is a community for high-performance day and swing trading that offers daily signals, alerts, and member education. It features stock and options alerts channels, stocks and options chat rooms, a crypto & NFT chat room, daily education, stock analysis, and live trading sessions.
Momentum Trades Discord Server Banner
Momentum Trades Discord Server Banner
Momentum Trades Icon
Investing | Financial | Community
Momentum Trades is a community for high-performance day and swing trading that offers daily signals, alerts, and member education. It features stock and options alerts channels, stocks and options chat rooms, a crypto & NFT chat room, daily education, stock analysis, and live trading sessions.
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Political | Sports
Auf diesem Server findest du tagesaktuelle Nachrichten, welche du dir auch auf deinem eigenen Server leiten kannst. Jederzeit können auf Wunsch weitere Nachrichtensender hinzugefügt werden. Sonst ist der Server recht selbsterklärend. Viel Spaß
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Gaming | Community
Vrei sa ne ajuti sa transformam un grup de gaming intr-o comunitate frumoasa bazata pe respect reciproc si distractie in video gaming ? Te asteptam cu placere la noi, sa contribui cu talentul tau in limita posibilitatilor si a timpului tau liber. Si evident, sa te distrezi cu noi in jocuri video.
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Political | Beliefs
Hey, buddy, what's up? news politics and trends from all subjects...............................................
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Social | Sports
Welcome to the F1 Lounge! We are a new community, growing everyday. 🏁 🏎️ Here you can chat with other F1 fans, check out the latest F1 news and much more! We are a non-toxic community, anyone is appreciated here. Give it a try!
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Gaming | Community
Hier gibt es News zu PS Plus, PS Store Angeboten, EA Play und komplett kostenloses Zeug. Möglichkeiten zum Mitspieler finden oder einfach chatten.
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Community | Gaming
deutscher Call of Duty Mobile Discord Schaut noch heute bei der deutschen Communiy vorbei - CoD Mobile DE
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Community | Gaming
Redzone Community丨مجتمع ريد زون ❤️丨مجتمعنا يهتم بكل شيء يدور في ذهنك ونقدم لك الكثير من المميزات ومنها ✨丨رومات منظمة مع شرح بالكامل لكل روم بالسيرفر لتسهيل إستخدام السيرفر ✨丨بوتات إحترافية وسهلة الإستخدام ، وأيضاً يوجد بوتات للألعاب والترفية ✨丨يوجد بوتات لأخبار الانمي والأفلام والتكنولوجيا وتحديثات وتخفيضات الألعاب ✨丨لمنع الإزعاج والمنشن داخل سيرفر، خصصنا رتب للإشعارات لإستخدامها في المنشن ✨丨أيضاً يوجد رتب شخصية + رتب الألعاب ، ورتب الألوان ليصبح شكل بروفايك أفضل ✨丨يوجد جوائز لمستوى تفاعلك بالسيرفر ، وجوائز للانفايت ، وجوائز لرتبة البوستر مع مميزات لكل رتبة ✨丨نظام التقديم على الرتب مفتوح 24 ساعة ، وهنالك الكثير من الرتب يمكنك التقديم عليها ✨丨اذا كنت مبدع في مجال التصميم أو بيع الخدمات ، لدينا رتبة بائع بالسيرفر، مع متجر خاص بأسمك ✨丨أيضاً لدينا رومات لدعم صُناع المحتوى بكل شيء يحتاجون إليه، من أليرتات ومقاطع وصور وغيرها ✨丨أيضاً يوجد فعاليات وقيف اواي بين كل فترة وفترة .. وجوائز خيالية ❤️丨هذه نبذة مختصرة عن المميزات، والسيرفر يتم تطويره بشكل يومي، نحن بإنتظارك
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Community | Education
Get the latest news about everything! Sports, movies, games, tech, business, science, music, celebrities, facts and much more!
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Anime | Manga
Stay up-to-date on all types of anime news, such as brand new Anime trailers, New anime added to Myanimelist,, etc etc~
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Community | Political
PNW is a community server with a focus on current events and topics concerning the Pacific Northwest region of America and Canada. In addition to that, we also host music sharing and discussion rooms, memes, discord bots, and much, much more! So whether you're currently living in the region, originally come from the PNW, or are just generally curious about this specific part of the world, join PNW today!
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Gaming | Community
Тут можно бесплатно выставить рекламу для своего сервера, youTube канала или других соцсетей.
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Political | Emoji
Willkommen auf dem inoffiziellen Tagesschau Discord Server. Hier werden täglich alle News des Tagesschau Feeds gepostet! This Server is not affiliated, associated, or endorsed with/by Tagesschau!
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Social | Community | Gaming
We have 1325+ members ❤️‍🔥, a really chill/fun/active community 🔥, and we're always welcoming new members 👋! Will you be next one?
Flammable Fortress 🌋 Discord Server Banner
Flammable Fortress 🌋 Icon
Social | Community | Gaming
We have 1325+ members ❤️‍🔥, a really chill/fun/active community 🔥, and we're always welcoming new members 👋! Will you be next one?
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Gaming | Anime
One of the unofficial servers for the game, specializing in information and guides. The server is in 2 languages and acts as a hub among existing servers. Here you will also find pleasant communication and current news on the game./ Один из неофициальных серверов по игре, специализирующийся на информации и гайдах. Сервер на 2х языках и выполняет функцию хаба серди уже существующих серверах. У нас вы найдёте так же приятное общение и актуальные новости по игре.
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Financial | Business | Investing
The best finance/investing community on Discord. We just launched our public group that is open to everyone! Whether you are a professional trader, seasoned investor or completely new to trading and just curious, our aim here is to provide value for all.
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Sports | Community
Arsenal FC News is a friendly meeting place for all Arsenal fans. Premier League- Fantasy Football- Chat- Fun- Polls- Score predictions- Promotions-
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Community | Hobbies
This server was setup by us to make sure that you can get your news whenever you want, but also so you can chat with your friends at the same time! Amazing idea, right?
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Crypto | Community
Merge is a discord server for discussing all things Web3. Whether you’re interested in Crypto, NFT, or just blockchain in general, this is the perfect t community for you. 

Here is what we have to offer: -Up-to-date news -Market analysis -An active community -Exclusive content our team is always creating -Great discussion -Upcoming market data and information (TBA) We’re always working hard to create the best Web3 community available - all for free!
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Entertainment | Art
┌──❀̥˚──◌──◌──❀̥˚─┐ ℕ𝕖𝕦𝕣𝕒𝕝 𝔸𝕚 └◌───❀̥˚───◌───❀̥˚┘ Auf diesem Server könnt ihr alle möglichen Ki's ausprobieren und benutzen. Was wir bieten: ➺🔮 Ki's wie Chat-Gpt, Midjourney, translator, etc... ➺🆕 Regelmäßige`` KI-Updates halten dich auf dem neuesten Stand. ➺👥 Chatte mit anderen Spielern und teile Tipps in unserer Community. ➺🎁 Nimm an Giveaways und Events teil, um tolle Preise zu gewinnen. ➺🎖️ Verbessere deinen Rang durch aktive Teilnahme und Engagement. Trete unserem Server bei und entdecke eine Welt voller KI-Spiele und Freundschaften!
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Technology | Music
Bump your server and get new members every 24/h Welcome images, Delete server history, high quality Motivational Music?,latest games news, random memes, server protect and many more! igeekbot is a new and great bot to help you take control of your server. it can delete messages history by username or role or all. it can protect your server from intruders who send their server link in you channel . it can create a short url for any long url . it can give you the latest games of pc/ xbox /xbox x /ps4 /ps5. it can send a random funny meme to a channel. you can use the !join command for high quality Motivational Music?.
Education | Community
DAYS OF NOAH is a sever based around the Biblical end times described throughout the Prophets and New Testament. As Christians, we understand that things are going to get real messy before the return of our precious Savior and King, Jesus Christ. While it is clear from scripture that we won't know the exact date of his coming, it holds true that through the guidance of God's Spirit and Wisdom, we will not be ignorant of the signs that lead up to that day. Discussions here include current news and events, biblical discussions, prophecy, scientific and technological advancements, research, history, warnings, preparedness advice, skill trade tips and tricks, biblical encouragement, fellowship, and much, much more. While majority of this may be Bible based, we welcome all those who have eyes to see, and a want to understand.
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Gaming | Social
Beginning with "Among us" down "WoW" News. The discord server was created for a large number of players. we use patchbot for patchnotes and by the way twitter youtube news. E.g. reddit was omitted because it would spam badly, this time we have 314/500 channels in use. 74 game categories about news await you here. 2 news channel (patchnotes &social) because patchbot gots his own channel and the other newsletters to the other. UPDATE:all possible abos from gamePublisherDiscords was also added. "social" channel followed bei general channel to chat to other and one voice channel my think was to found another player and then goes back to his own discordserver or to a discordgroup(max 10 member). Promoting for his own discordServer is also allowded: (Channel: partner-discord in categorie: Intern)
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Community | Social
The Humanity Network has three areas which are Humanity Hangout (Discord), Humanity LIVE (YouTube) and Humanity Radio (radio), for adults. We actively support Ukraine every day, and share global news.
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Gaming | Anime
Classic Gamers Servidor Brasileiro dedicado para quem gosta de games, ficar informado das noticias do mundo dos games e divulgar seu trabalho do YouTube/Twitch. Só seguir as regras para manter a ordem. Neste server você vai encontrar: ? | Chats interativo; ✍ | Sistema de registo por reação; ? | Anúncios de jogos Grátis; ? | Divulgação do seu conteúdo sendo YouTube/Twitch; ? | Parcerias entre Servidores ? | Canal de Memes; ? | Canal para divulgar suas Artes; ? | Encontros e Namoros para encontrar sua cara metade; ? | Watch Party; ? | Passatempos: Gartic, Marketplace, Myuu (Pokémon), Mudae, Uno; ? | Recomendação de Animes e Mangás ? | Sorteios; ? | Chat exclusivo de Membros e Boosters; ? | Podcast; ? | Bots de Musica, Jukebox e Sistema de Calls.
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Meme | Social
A new server supports freedom of speech no rules really chat have fun shit post help the server grow ect ect not much more to say
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Gaming | Community | Crypto
💰The Most Innovative Gambling Community💰 | 💵Free Giveaways 💵| ⚔️Exclusive Games⚔️|🎰Gambling Streams🎰 | 🤖Custom Bot🤖 | 👑Ranks👑 | General Degeneracy |📱 Exclusive App in Development📱 | 🌐Dedicated Website Coming Soon 🌐| Cash-Prize Gaming Tournaments On The Way
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Gaming | Community | Crypto
💰The Most Innovative Gambling Community💰 | 💵Free Giveaways 💵| ⚔️Exclusive Games⚔️|🎰Gambling Streams🎰 | 🤖Custom Bot🤖 | 👑Ranks👑 | General Degeneracy |📱 Exclusive App in Development📱 | 🌐Dedicated Website Coming Soon 🌐| Cash-Prize Gaming Tournaments On The Way
🎮 ♛ ✯ HAWK'S - GAMING ZONE ✯ ♛ Icon
Gaming | Community
✨ ✦ HAWK'S - GAMING ZONE ✦ ✨ Was euch bei uns erwartet: ✦ Server Bot's: PokéTwo, PokéBest, PokéDraw uvm. ✦ Pokémon Bereich mit: SW/SH, S/V, Go ✦ Viele unterschiedliche Chat/Talk Channels zum unterhalten/austauschen ✦ News Channels (Updates, Events uvm) ✦ Tausch-Zonen (Tauschen von Ingame Inhalten) ✦ Alle Konsolen (PC, PS, XBOX, Nintendo, Mobile) ✦ SYSBOT'S: Pokémon SW/SH, Pokémon S/V Wie ihr somit entnehmen könnt ist euch einiges geboten. In diesem Sinne, würden wir uns über jeden einzelnen freuen. Schnuppert bei uns rein, macht es euch bei uns gemütlich & lasst uns gemeinsam einer der größten Deutschen Gaming Community's werden. ✨ ✦ LG von der gesamten HAWK CREW ✦ ✨
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Community | Gaming
Battlefield Modding Community! A Discord server all about modding the Battlefield series. From Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield V!
Salaam Sultanate Icon
Beliefs | Community
The server's goal is to offer a space where members can advance their minds and become more intellectually enriched. This is a terrific community with many useful tools, such as a library and other ways to enhance your study, making it a great location to hang out and learn.
KBD Community Icon
Community | Gaming
Jeden z nejdelších JailBreak Serverů na CS:GO který toho dělá mnohem více celý projekt KBD pracuje na X projektech jako NEWS, Streamers a Gaming do budoucna máme větší plány než jen toto tak nám je pomoz splnit.
? Calliopean Club Icon
Education | Community
Discord's original and most active education server. ? Join our community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge! ☀️
Global Intelligence Network Icon
Business | Education
[GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE MEDIA] ✅️ World News ✅️ Self Promotion ✅️ Politics ✅️ Cool, Paid Bots ✅️ Business ✅️ Community This community is for those who want to stay ahead of the curve. It is for connecting users who want to share and receive information regarding politics, the economy, current events, innovation, stock moves and many more sub topics. There are also region based channels for sub communities to discuss local affairs. ☎️?ROLES FOR ALL☎️?
Gaming News Icon
Gaming | Community
Gaming News has the Official Announcements on TONS of games. This includes popular games, like Among Us, Phasmophobia, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc. This includes not so popular games, like Happy Wheels, Ultimate Chicken Horse, etc. Not only is this a fresh idea, but it is a easy way to get news on Awesome games! What are you waiting for?
Blue Protocol Icon
Gaming | Anime
Looking for more information about Bandai Namco's newest MMORPG Blue Protocol? Discover Blue Protocol Database, the first reference site and largest community hub where you can find everything you need to know about the game.
Rocket City News Now Icon
Entertainment | YouTuber
The official Discord server for Rocket City News Now. First responder related news coverage in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Icon
Community | Business
Singapore Jobs, Internships, Entrepreneurship, News, Promo, Deals, Jokes, Games, Fitness, Sports, Fashion, Lifestyle and more!
JournoHub Icon
Writing | Community
JournoHub is a community chatroom for Journalists, open-source investigators, broadcast producers and anyone else interested or involved in the world of journalism. Chat with others in the industry, share your work, find pitch calls and more! Click the join button and have a look around ?
PUK | Politics UK Icon
Political | Community
Politics UK is a new community aimed at those with an interest in British politics. We have a whole variety of ways to enjoy the server. Come and join our up-and-coming community!
Dollar General Icon
Community | Gaming
If you like to make new friends and not take things to serious, come hang out and game with us, or just come for a vibe(=
Dollar General Discord Server Banner
Dollar General Icon
Community | Gaming
If you like to make new friends and not take things to serious, come hang out and game with us, or just come for a vibe(=
Green Light Icon
Crypto | Community
Exclusive community for people who love life and making money! WL giveaways, trading signals, fresh alpha and much more.
News Station Icon
Welcome to News Station! Our bot (News Station) is able to bring very timely stock/crypto news to all users in the channel 24/7. Whether it's pre-market, or after-market, or even the time while you're asleep, the News Station can broadcast the latest information at any time, making you more confident in the subsequent trading process. Instruction: 1. Start command Type "!start news" in the group chat Command description: news bot will ONLY work to the sever owner's instructions 2. Stop command Type "!stop news" in a group chat Command description: news bot will ONLY reset to the sever owner's instructions Your support is our greatest motivation!
News Targeted Icon
Technology | Programming
A publication dedicated to bringing the latest news about copyright, privacy, and everything related to filesharing. And IT News.
Gaming | eSports
We welcome new people. I hope you find what you want on our server and have a good time. Thanks in advance for joining our server.
Meebo Icon
Bot | Meme
Would you rather game / Covid stats / Message leaderboard / Hug, Kiss, Slap actions / Dad jokes / Cat pictures / Coinflip / Dice / Gifs and More!
RY9R Gaming Icon
Gaming | Community
I made clean, simple discord server for video games/series’s that I have the utmost respect for. 40 Categories, one for each of the Games/Series. Each Category gets 4 channels; 1 for official news, 1 for communities (reddit and other unofficial content), and 1 for live streamers updates, and a chat.
Saints Network | Apex Mobile Icon
eSports | Gaming
Saints is an Asian News Network for the current trending mobile game, Apex Legends: Mobile after it's debut as one of the greatest PC/Console battle royale games. We provide updates, news, events and many more, so come and join us now!
Eco-Lution Icon
Community | Education
Exactly who are we? In the end, we are all humans and are capable of making mistakes, but to repeat those mistakes is a crime. In Eco-Lution, we are attempting to make a difference for the immediate future if not for the next generation. It must be in the next generation's long-term interest to succeed after our last generation failed us. It is a place where not only will you become aware of what is trending on in the world, but you will also gain access to actual information and what is happening around the world. We are optimistic, truthful, kind, and helpful. We are a journalistic news type of server that spreads awareness about the effect of climate change on wildlife and endangered species. We also provide insights about international politics, etc.
Ukraine News Icon
Community | Programming
A server for being notified of any news updates regarding the ukraine situation, with a proper implementation. You also can make use of my bot to register updates to your own server for free.
Ukraine Reports Icon
Military | Political
Ukraine report abount the Ukraine - Russia conflict‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
Global Affairs Icon
Political | Education
Global Affairs is a server focused on up to date news and high quality discussion. We have channels for all regions of the world, along with topics such as finance, tech, and science. We feature respectful debate, polls, and much more!
CryptoLand Icon
Crypto | Community
NEW COMMUNITY SERVER ⚠️ ⚠️ OPENED ⚠️ ⚠️ CRYPTOLAND Has opened to the world We have almost 60 bots with practically everything you will ever need for cryptocurrency. If you are new or just learning or even very experienced we have something you can use and benefit from. WE WANT YOU -If you have questions or have serious knowledge/talent. please join us today!!! We have Whale alerts Scam alerts Major Twitter influencers Major YouTube videos Price updates bot All major coin exchange updates Fear and greed index Coin Info bot Reddit ( parsed major directories ) Sports updates bot Top Trending (multiple exchanges) And much more still coming! Like our news and release NFT -channel We are always looking for new team staff & members to help us expand… Free Mints For LVL4 members!
Keyboard (18+) Icon
Community | Social
A small to medium sized MBTI friendly server for hanging out and socialising. Warm, welcoming, and friendly. PS: You look wonderful today ✨
Keyboard (18+) Discord Server Banner
Keyboard (18+) Icon
Community | Social
A small to medium sized MBTI friendly server for hanging out and socialising. Warm, welcoming, and friendly. PS: You look wonderful today ✨
HuntIt.XYZ〡 CSGO Icon
Community | Gaming
Этот Discord Server создан для общения русскоязычных людей на игровой сетке русских серверов HuntIt которые посвященны только игре Counter-Strike:Global Offensive!!!! Пожалуйста ознакомтесь с нашими правилами в дискорде и будьте добры их не нарушать !!!!
Discussion & Debate Icon
Political | Community
Seeking a place to discuss news and current events? Join our community of friendly people who enjoy in depth conversations about politics, news, philosophy and more!
The Newspaper Stand Icon
Community | Beliefs
Essentially we would like to share the idea of worldwide news in a safe and caring community
ʜᴜɴᴛɪᴛ〡 CSGO LT Icon
Gaming | Community
Šis discord serveris buvo sukurtas lietuviams bendrauti su žmonėmis HuntIt serverių žaidimų tinklelyje, skirtame tik Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!!!! Prašome perskaityti mūsų taisykles ir būti maloniems, kad jų nepažeistumėte!!!!
WIN Official Icon
eSports | Technology
Join us for betting tips, esport chats, game chats, and everything else fitting to the gaming community!
The Fucksworth Society Icon
Hobbies | Gaming
Welcome to The Fucksworth Society! Here we game, listen to music, talk about life and politics and more... mind your P's and Q's and you'll be ok. Let the Tom Foolery begin!!!
/leftypol/ International Icon
Meme | Community
International left-wing community of communists, anarchists, socialists and leftist of all kinds. Community is based on free speech and mutual support.
Anime Fandom Basement Icon
Anime | Community
Welcome to Anime Fandom Basement! The place, where Anime fans come to get entertained. We are a new and growing community. You search for some actual news, manga reviews, Minigames, Cards, Pictures, Social engagements and video streaming? Then join us!! (there is still some development work to be completed, but we are almost ready)
Viral Shit Icon
Political | Crypto
* ONE CHANNEL SERVER! * 10 MINUTES SLOWMODE* NEWS * ADVERTISEMENTS * ==================================================================
Gamer's Gospel Icon
Gaming | Writing
Bringing you the good word of gaming. We're a gaming focused news website with a relaxed community and chill staff.
Eartha Icon
Beliefs | Community
Here we will be sharing the truths of what is really happening in this world, some people might say it's just conspiracy theories but that will be left for you to decide.
The Otters Cave Icon
Community | Gaming
Enter The Otters cave, a one-stop gaming hub that allows you to grow your server, your socials, and connect with like-minded gamers built upon CAMRADARIE and FAMILY. Are you tired of seeing these server that have 500+ members with no activity? As a result, we've set out to change that.