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You can learn how our experts turned $20 into $1k in 10 days by joining now! We are a sports betting community full of avid sports fans and bettors -- just like yourself! Hop into our server and start dominating your bets today!
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Sports | Entertainment | Community
You can learn how our experts turned $20 into $1k in 10 days by joining now! We are a sports betting community full of avid sports fans and bettors -- just like yourself! Hop into our server and start dominating your bets today!
5 Gods of the VWorld ⚜️ Icon
Art | Business
xxx VGods running all over the World and are trying to survive the infected eye. They represent a different lifestyle each one of them. Can you guess which one you got ?😉
Crypto | Community
We are finishing collection about Terminator and features. It will be 300 NFT Termixx. 5 KINGS, 20 GOLDEN ONES, 50 IMMORTAL ARMY, 225 TERMIX SOLDIERS This is the first of five collections from movie world. There are the 100 firsts of TERMIXX to SELL !!! We continuously add up to 300 collections ! Another 100 Termixxes on 15.1.2022 10 Free Drops To discord members, 10 Free for Twitter followers Release Termixxes in to the word !
Silver Fleece Pack Icon
Art | Crypto
Hey Guys! We are a new NFT project (Ya I know many popped up in the past year) But what's unique about us? Our mission and goal is to build a community which focuses on supporting Micro-scale businesses and up-and-coming artists within this space!! Not to mention we help anial welfare organizations through our sales!! Come Join us
Ilha dos Monkeys Icon
Entertainment | Community
🐒🐒 IDM ( ILHA DOS MONKEYS ) 🐒🐒 • Somos uma comunidade criada com intuito de trazer diversão e entretenimento no Discord. Nosso servidor estará sempre aberto para sugestões e novas ideias. Promovemos sorteios e eventos com premiação para recompensar os membros.
Rockers Ape Club Icon
Crypto | Community
Rockers Ape Club are 1600 art generated in ERC 721 super cool, unique, masculine rockers. Ride the bikes with them and follow the wind and your destiny. We are different in that we are filled with the love with which we were created. In us lives the free spirit who is ready for adventure and following his destiny. Join our journey
PoA | The next art evolution Icon
Crypto | Art
With Piece of Art (PoA) you can invest in artists and become co-owner of a real art gallery. Our vision is to bridge the gap between art-enthusiasts and artists while providing an ecosystem that allows you to invest in your favorite artist while earning sustainable revenue. PoA uses AI to turn your NFT into a unique Piece of Art with incredible utilities and allows you to become part of the world’s first art investor DAO!
The Bitverse Icon
Gaming | Crypto
Join the official server for the Bitverse - an 8-bit universe of web3 games created by Kongregate. Our community is filled with passionate gamers, NFT collectors, and blockchain enthusiasts who embrace lively discussion and community collaboration. We run events, host epic giveaways, and are one of the friendliest gaming communities you'll find. Gameplay in the Bitverse centers around unique characters called 'Bit Heroes' that players can customize, improve and use in a myriad of ways. The Bitverse includes game genres such as RPGs, Battle Royales, Runners and even a Card Collectible!
Mind's Best Friend Icon
Community | Crypto
Mind's Best Friend was created two goals in mind: - Raise awareness for mental health & wellness around the world by bridging the gap between the metaverse and the real world. - Create a community of support & love to help those within struggling with their own mental health or know someone struggling with theirs. Our Pack consists of 7500 unique pups designed with two purposes in mind: -Raise awareness for one of six mental health disorders including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and Schizophrenia. - Represent an emotional support dog that can be used in real life circumstances to help fight mental health disorders. With a fully funded Roadmap 1.0, we are ready to take this project to new heights. Join our community today!
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Crypto | Financial | Technology
ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
PerformanceW3B Icon
Business | Community
PerformanceW3B è la community di contatto tra il mondo delle aziende e il mondo dei professionisti del web3 con lo scopo di creare assieme progetti innovativi in ambito: blockchain, NFT, Metaverso e Crypto.
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Crypto | Gaming
Do you want to earn money while playing Minecraft? 💸 MineCrypto is the first server to bring Play To Earn into Minecraft
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Crypto | Investing | Financial
In this moment over 60 000 000 freelancers working on three biggest freelance platforms. Yet they dont have option to work for cryptocurrencies. Our team is building a decentralized freelance marketplace without the middleman, where people can work from home and be paid in crypto for their work.
Anti-Social Society Icon
Gaming | Art | Anime
Official CorgiComet YouTube Discord Community. Come chill, meet people, play games and have fun! (Gaming, Art, Anime, Kpop) Come check us out!
Anti-Social Society Large Banner
Anti-Social Society Icon
Gaming | Art | Anime
Official CorgiComet YouTube Discord Community. Come chill, meet people, play games and have fun! (Gaming, Art, Anime, Kpop) Come check us out!
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Crypto | Financial
STAKER PROTOCOL🔥🔥🔥 The first staking platform with 0,8%-1% daily rewards. Finally, we have a passive income project on the network with the lowest fees! Staker Protocol has been launched on the Harmony network. SWAP/STAKE/SMILE 💯💯💯💯💯
Digitifi Icon
Technology | Gaming
Digitifi is a community that merges Art, NFTs, AR, Games, and Charity all into Unique Projects. We are a very Diverse Community and we are looking forward to expanding! You Can Check our Website Here: http://digitifi.io/
Kingdom of capitalist Icon
Financial | Investing
This server is something different. This server is about all the different types of ways you can make money This can include Selling Nword passes, War dogs profitting off of war Or it can be something simple as fuck like draining up local water plants in Africa Or dumping oil into the water the choice is urs
Tyekoons Icon
Crypto | Art
Tyekoons crypto art community is an official discord server with a tyekoons NFT token collection based on polygon and ethereum blockchain. as well as a marketplace where you can market your NFT
Sweet Apocalypse Icon
Crypto | Investing
🤝 Welcome people to Sweet Apocalypse. 🤝 1️⃣We are a new project on Solana and many of our plans are still in their early stages. When I say we, I mean a group of four people, surrounded by a founded company called Sugargames GmbH, based in Berlin. 2️⃣No promises to the moon, no promises to be big, stability and a steady breath to always stay on the right track is what we will deliver you. 😎 3️⃣All traits are hand drawn by our artist from Hamburg, who has graduated in art and many years of work experience. 4️⃣Our art has a cartonish style, the game characters will be similar. The story is similiar to the given name: An apocalypse occured and to not let us feel frighten and fear the unknown, we will make our lifes sweeter in many ways. Join our journey and let´s have some joyfull times. 🤩 5️⃣The Project will be realised by our enterprise Sugargames GmbH based in Berlin.
Community | Art
💎Welcome to The Treasury Discord!💎 The Treasury is a collection of 10,000 exquisitely, individually crafted NFTs launching Q2 2022.🚀 - Friendly community❤️ - White List gates open! - Engaging conversations on many topics including NFTs, art, crypto, gaming and more!💬 - Fun tier system - complete tasks to gain more permissions!⚡️ Come and join our growing community!🚀 Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetreasurynft Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetreasurynft/ ☄️
Cannabis Pixie Icon
Art | Crypto
The Cannabis Pixie is a collection of 5,420 of the sexiest, unique NFTs supporting Cannabis growers, dispensaries and cannabis lovers all over the world who are pushing for federal legalization of both medical and recreational use.
Alien Power NFTs Icon
Business | Art
Alien Power NFTs official community - Trading of collectible NFTs - Special gifts and many events - Refer a friend and immediately get an exclusive NFT from our collection
Cloudees NFT Club Icon
Art | Entertainment
Cloudees is the first NFT Comic Book & Cartoon Series coming to the Ethereum blockchain, earn passive income from sales made with your NFT when it is featured in our comic book series, digital cartoon series on YT and in any Cloudees merch or advertising.
SecciVault Icon
Crypto | Financial
Our goal at SecciVault is to enhance P2P transactions to stop all scams & royalty rates/commission brought on by other projects. We're introducing the first ever Exchange for traders to Buy/Sell NFTs or Digital-currencies without running the risk of being scammed. Trading pools will open allowing users to trade NFTs at a 1:1 rate, cutting commission rates and Peer to Peer scams tremendously. We've achieved this by redirecting transactions to be sent via Address to Address, in other words Peer to Peer. Transactions on our network go through only one phase. Legitimacy! Items listed in trading pools are checked with Collection Name, Token ID and Smart Contract to ensure security on the users and consumers behalf. SecciVault was established in order to work as an intermediary ally on behalf of all transactions passed throughout our Exchange. Traders can optimize this to their advantage by utilizing our networks to trade NFTs at without royalties or commission rates.
Fortune! Gateway Icon
Gaming | Crypto | Investing
Fortune! is a multi-seasonal P2E NFT treasure hunt game. Players collect and build their crews in preparation to enter the 3D metaverse in search of keys that represent rewards in the Season 1 Treasure Vault packed with millions in prizes like crypto, NFTs, and IRL items. The team of 12 has worked with household names such as Google, Harvard, NASCAR, Marvel, United Nations, iHeart Radio, Virgin and Samsung.
Indie's Guild Icon
Crypto | Community
NFT Collection & Virtual Lands | Indigenous Lifestyle | Building SpiritCity for 11,111 Indies | Eternalising kɐɽmɐ & cult Onchain since’16 |
Crypto | Gaming | Community
The project is aiming to create play-to-earn games accessible from cell phones, PCs and tablets where it will be possible to have access to all the services and products that Puli can offer.
PULI ($PULI) Large Banner
Crypto | Gaming | Community
The project is aiming to create play-to-earn games accessible from cell phones, PCs and tablets where it will be possible to have access to all the services and products that Puli can offer.
Putin's Passport Icon
Community | Crypto | Entertainment
We are going to reveal all the Putin's deep secrets, Putin passport intercepted by secret services.
Crypto Riderz Icon
Crypto | Gaming
Crypto Riderz aims to build a community of both miners and gamers that wants to help each other succeed. We have knowledge about all aspects of crypto. Mining, NFT's, Investing and more! Come for the knowledge, stay for the community.
Lost Hope Society Icon
Crypto | Art
The Lost Hope Society- NFT collection started out in 2022 with the hope to creat a new and dynamic project focused around transparency and giving it's members/ holders a real chance to shape the project at every step! Lost Hope Society Started with 10 NFTs that all have enique appearance, holders will become faction leaders with the chance to share a % of all of their factions sales! In our Discord sever you will onboard as a Recruit ⚔️ when the second collection drops the "Faction Members" channel will open Faction Leaders get access to the exclusive "Founding Members" channel. Our Server will be the central hub for all updates, giveaways and information! Come chat, meet new people and join an exciting NFT project that hopes to change how we treat eachother in this space!
🐦 Two Birds One Stoned 🐦 Icon
Entertainment | Crypto
Two Birds One (Orange) whom doesn’t smoke weed, prefers the action route of martial arts and consumption of food. A bird Orange looks up to and idealizes (Twit) is always doing time for crimes. Stoner Twit and Side kick Orange wind up in numerous situations for drops and giveaways. Collect 2 get 1…
Art | Crypto
🌩️ Here come the storm 🌩️ THUNDER MANAGER is a huge and cool NFT project mini game Event, and this server is the best place to take part of this natural disaster 🌪️⛈️ ⚡THUNDER MANAGER is an NFT collectibles project where the designs are Lightnings Bolts animated.⚡ THUNDER MANAGER is a game that can be won with these lightning bolts and on this server you will be able to participate to the game. A game where you earn monney. 💵 Also you will be able to vote for some crutial things and more like takes part of giveaways ( nft, wl, and other things ).🎁
Panda Land NFTs Icon
Art | Community
s a rebirth of pandaland, which was recently created to be in the Bolygon network and it is Ethereum friendly, where you can buy without high fees, there are 10.000 NFTs equipped, each NFT is unique with its features, you can keep it now at low prices starting from 0.01 eth.
Satoshi Club Icon
Crypto | Community
Satoshi Club is a crypto community that rewards members with $USDT for their discord engagement. Make money by chatting and playing! Here you can find a place that connects blockchain start-ups, thought leaders and influencers with a large pool of crypto enthusiasts. Our members win rewards based on their activity. Common ways to win $USDT and other freebies : - engage organically with other members of the community - play games and advance the leaderboard - participate in our daily/weekly/monthly events - help others by answering their questions - share insightful information that can help the community - and a big one: ask relevant questions during AMAs We give companies a chance to boost their businesses by introducing their products to a highly targeted crypto audience. The most common way to reach our members is to organize an AMA on our server. Contact us for more details.
Overachievers Inc. Icon
Community | Business
Overachievers Inc is a community for overachievers and anyone that want to achieve their goals in life, fitness and/or business. - Categories 💎 Wealth Building 💎 Red Pill and PUA 💎 Fitness and Health 💎 Law of Attraction 💎 Stocks, Crypto, and Forex 💎 Meditation, Manifestation and Affirmations 💎 NFTs Collection 💎 Quotes 💎 Server Partnerships, Advertisement and Promotions( Ask a admin or one of the CEOs before you do anything, otherwise you will get ban immediately ) 💎 Anyone that want to offer a job can do it here or are looking for a job, can find it here( Ask a admin or the owner before you do anything ) Chill moments 🍹 Listen to music 🍹 Qotd( Question of the day ) 🍹 Talk about our favorite movies, music, our recent progress, accomplishment, the current market, red pill and other self improvement stuff 🍹 Joke with each other 😂 🍹 Debates 🍹 Vibe
Next-Gen Money Making Icon
Investing | Business
Hello and welcome to the Money Making discord server, Our community is a massive world of hustlers trying to make money. Everyone in our community is above the age of 13 and is hustling super hard to make money. In our community it is your decision if you join or not, You will learn many different things and techniques in this server. We are trying to expand our server in many different ways so we can offer financial advice and moral support for you. We currently have many positions of staff available and are looking for people who will help promote and help the advancement of this community. Our community is full of hustlers and lots of people who are looking for many ways to make money. Here at Money Making you can find people to collaborate with and help each-other out.
Art | Technology
CRIPTOVID-19 is a collection of NFTs that represents a memory of what the world has been through during the time of the pandemic. The Covid-19 virus was able to impose a common lifestyle on humans without worrying about their differences. This collection is a means of communication to have a community that will support a future IT project that the Covid-19 virus is his idol.
Soundverse Icon
Music | Crypto
Community of music NFT enthusiast, artists, visual artists and promoters. Join us, take your role and start earning platform tokens with us.
Custm.art Icon
Crypto | Art
Custm.art a NFT 2.0 Platform | Mint Once, Customise Forever. Using the custm.art app members can mint and customise their NFT anytime without paying GAS fees
Unfunny Alley Icon
Community | Meme | Gaming
Welcomes to unfunny alley! To sum us up, we heavily disagree with censorship and believe that all views, no matter how right or wrong, should be at least read and heard by others. Dont join if you are against freedom of speech
Unfunny Alley Large Banner
Unfunny Alley Icon
Community | Meme | Gaming
Welcomes to unfunny alley! To sum us up, we heavily disagree with censorship and believe that all views, no matter how right or wrong, should be at least read and heard by others. Dont join if you are against freedom of speech
Herity Network Icon
Crypto | Business
Statistically the most transparent Crypto Project in Romania according to Capital media Outlet with the highesr NFT collaborators and signed artists in Europe with it's own Seed Platform and NFT Marketplace (coming soon) 👥 We are a community that aims to "help the little guy" 👥
Dot Bulls Icon
Crypto | Community
Welcome to the biggest unofficial Polkadot ecosystem community. We are a collection of traders, investors, artists, developers, and simply fans of the Polkadot Kusama ecosystem, who want to help each other, and share our knowledge. Anyone who likes DOT KSM MOVR GLMR ACA KAR RMRK SUB KILT ROME etc is welcome. And yes, we make gorgeous Dot Bulls NFTs too. We're going to build many projects in the ecosystem with the collections.
Dysglopia Icon
Crypto | Social
The community server of Dysglopia, an up-and-coming real-time PvP-RPG NFT game where players can earn $GLS through real-time battles.
Kyndr Dao Icon
Crypto | Community
KYNDR DAO Kyndr DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built for the giving ecosystem. All decisions are made by the community & get recorded in real-time, transparently on an immutable ledger. The DAO is governed by KYNDR token holders & operates only via rules predefined in the smart contract code. This enables trust and autonomy unlike ever before in the giving ecosystem. Supporters and Causes are rewarded with $KYNDR tokens for using the protocol. Join our Discord server below to avail the community airdrop reserved for the first 1000 members.
Daddy Issues Club Icon
Community | Art
Daddy Issues Club is created to be an ecosystem in decentralized arenas via ownership of NFTs that give exclusive access to the futuristic world of the Metaverse. DIC strives to be one of the most prestigious clubs in the NFT industry by bringing real influential people and the Metaverse together through technology, creating a uniquely desirable experience. This ecosystem encompasses NFTs, the Metaverse, Gaming, Tokenization, the world of influencers, and a marketplace for a crossover experience between virtual reality and real life. The goal of the ecosystem is to establish a brand that resonates with real life influencer followers and provide futuristic entertainment and experiences through a one-stop-shop.
🗿| Equal Designs Icon
Design | Crypto
The Sappy Thespian Club Icon
Crypto | Art
The Sappy Thespian Club is an NFT collection based on 1000 unique variations of characters from Greek mythology.
Vast Agency NFT Icon
Crypto | Art
Premier Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Agency for Top Brands and Artist. We brand, launch, and market all types of NFT projects worldwide !
SockFaces Icon
Crypto | Art
Hello Sock Faced Degen 🧦🧦 You have made it to a very good NFT project of 2022, Sockfaces! 🧦🧦🧦🧦 ❤️The price is set to 0, free mint, like our love🧦😎 🧦Our community will always be our priority 🧦💸 Come and promote your nft project in the shill nft channel. 🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦 FREE LIVE MINT NOW AT https://sockfaces.com . 🗣🧦 Official Twitter: @sockfaces Oficial Discord: https://discord.gg/s9UbdtzV
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Crypto | Investing
• Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis ✔️ • Crypto News 24/7 ✔️ • Defi News 24/7 ✔️ • P2E News 24/7 ✔️ • Crypto Listing from all the popular crypto exchange 24/7 ✔️ • Whitelist Alert ✔️ • Sell Alerts 24/7 ✔️ • Buy Alerts 24/7 ✔️ • LONG signals 24/7✔️ • SHORT signals 24/7 ✔️ • Volatility Detector 24/7✔️ • Pump & Dump alerts 24/7✔️ • Shows every Crypto ATH & ATL 24/7✔️ • Staking Alerts ✔️ • Liquidation on long/short Alert 24/7 ✔️ • Whale Alerts 24/7 ✔️ • Whale Alerts for NFT 24/7 ✔️ • Whale buy alert on Binance & Kucoin 24/7 ✔️ • Volume Alert 24/7 ✔️ • Coin Trend Alerts ✔️ • Live TA Course only for Patroen members with Trading Education ✔️ • Price Alert 24/7 ✔️ • NFT free AirDrop Alert 24/7 ✔️ • NFT Buy/sell Alert 24/7 ✔️ • Crypto bot that can help you to be ahead of other people ✔️ • Crypto Fear & Greed Index ✔️ • Github Crypto activity Alert 24/7 ✔️ • Constantly keeping you updated in the market ✔️ • Music Lounge ✔️ • & Much more! 👌
Piggy Palace Icon
Growth | Investing
Who wants to be one of the first owners of a new NFT collection?🥳🥳🥳You don't wanna miss out on the collection of 5,555 Pixel Pigs that are gonna drop June 16th, 1:00pm! Join this discord server so you don't miss out on any updates and events that could be going on during the drop!!!
GoldenSex Icon
Crypto | Art
Have you ever thought about putting together the best NFT figures in Hentai? Then you're in the right place!
Two's Hill of Fluff Icon
Gaming | Furry | LGBT
Welcome friend to Two's Hill of Fluff! We are a roblox oriented furry community that is over 8 years old. We hope you have a great time here!
Two's Hill of Fluff Large Banner
Two's Hill of Fluff Icon
Gaming | Furry | LGBT
Welcome friend to Two's Hill of Fluff! We are a roblox oriented furry community that is over 8 years old. We hope you have a great time here!
Lucky Leafies Club Icon
Crypto | Art
NFTs Leafies on solana made by an artist ! We are here to giving you a chance to win a big prices and even more.. go check our roadmap
Psychclops Icon
Crypto | Community
Psychclops is a collectible NFT project consisting of 10001 unique algorithmically generated NFTs built on the Polygon Blockchain. Psychclops come in a range of Colors, Traits, and Sizes and are generated using more than 1400 Hand-Drawn attributes enabling you to get the most Unique Experience.
ArtAdvanced & .lab Icon
Art | Community
Creating meaningful connections within the arts and culture! Join our discord 👇 discord.gg/2PfnCyVg
Amano Hero NFT Icon
Art | Design
World Historical Figures of Heroes & Villains Created into a Digital Artwork NFTs
MetaProfitsDAO Icon
Crypto | Community
We Focus On NFT Crypto Gaming And Providing The Best Ways To Make Money In The Metaverse. We Are Creating A Great Way For People To Come Together And Change The World.
Cryptohub Icon
Crypto | Investing
A crypto-focused discord containing free guides and introductions to Crypto. A hub for 100x hunters, IDO investors, NFT minters, SWING traders, Scalpers as well as Beginner looking to learn about all things crypto.
BomaxZebraGang Small Banner
BomaxZebraGang Icon
Investing | Art
The BOMAXZEBRAGANG NFT discord server is the official community for owners and supporters of Bomax Zebra Gang!
The Mommy Cynthia Icon
Community | Art
The Mommy Cynthia is NFT Server. CYNTHIA expects you to be polite, respectful, and make new connections by spreading good vibes and helping fellow members.
Mad Goblins NFT collection Icon
Crypto | Community | Art
Mad Goblins (MADG) is a collection NFTs of 4,500 unique digital art pieces. They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. All images are securely and permanently stored in IPFS.
GoRipé Icon
Community | Gaming
―――――𓍹Information Discord𓍻――――― 🦯➫ Discord FR/Communautaire 🦯➫ Discord Gamer/Streamer/Vidéaste 🦯➫ Discord Pub/Nft/Création/Jeux 🦯➫ Discord Partenaire/Sponsor 🦯➫ Discord Fan/Anime/Manga
Kine Protocol Icon
Crypto | Investing | Business
・・ ───────・🔷・─────── ・・ Kine Protocol Kine Protocol is the best crypto exchange platform We offer a simple to use website with many perks! Start exchanging crypto with us today! ꒰💎꒱ Frequent crypto giveaways for our members 📈┊Technical analysis and market insights ꒰🦄꒱┊Unlimited liquidity for everyone 🖱️┊100x leverage over the other competitors ꒰☄️꒱┊Many resources for new and experienced traders ⛽┊Zero gas fees and no hidden costs ꒰🌟꒱┊New affiliate program with high commission. What are you waiting for? Start exchanging crypto with us today! ・・ ───────・🔷・─────── ・・ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ links ・https://discord.gg/XaySKbsX5f
Sneaker Head Hype Club Icon
Community | Crypto
A strong community of sneaker connoisseurs that will come together to build something great. We want to help members expand their network by connecting them with thousands of like-minded individuals. Additionally, create a new way for sneakerheads to cop new releases because who likes taking countless L’s on drops. Charity is a large part of this project, and we will take it upon ourselves to help our less fortunate sneakerhead friends. Sneaker Head Hype Club is a collection of 10,000 unique sneakerheads!