This is a server where you can meet new people and make new friends!
Join our server to get into this amazing journey and get a chance to win EVERY DAY a prize (including discord nitro, etc..) through multiples events! Drawing, sing, rap battle contests!
Welcome to MC | Nitro Lobby! Our main goal is to make people get free nitro. You can advertise your mc related servers for free!
__**Vibez Hangout**__ :question: **What is this?** :question: Vibez Hangout is a social hangout server! :question: **What do you do here?** :question: We do anime movie nights, normal movie nights, binge-watching streams and nitro invite events! :question: **Why should I join?** :question: Yeah, why should we join you? :exclamation: Invite: :exclamation:
A fun community, Discord giveaways, Scarescraper match-finding and MORE!
low moderation chill nitro drops / egirls nitro