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Come on over to Tunes for Goons, a music/meme server that welcomes music fans of ALL kinds! Post your favorite songs, find some new music, make some friends, post some memes, and have fun! No matter what you're into, you can come chill and talk about your favorite tracks. We don't judge people for their music tastes here. We would love for you to join us, especially if you're into music or just want a place to find/post memes! What we have to offer: -plenty of self-assignable genre and color roles -music bot -multiple channels to post different kinds of tracks/show off your merch -some real chill music fans! Why not stop on by?
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shitgaze - a musical sub-genre that incorporates the hallmarks of shoegaze and noise music and lo-fi recording techniques (or lack thereof). Often found with a bit of punk influences. Originally applied to bands like Psychedelic Horseshit, Times New Viking, and others from the Columbus, Ohio scene.
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The Server For The Labels SOR & TRD, we accept Earrape, Noise & Uptempo Stuff. Join For Fun & The Community.
Music | Art
Noise music server and noise making playground
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A comfy little shithole for gutters and crusts of the world. The Crasslands is a new server for Punks of all genres to congregate, to share in the love of music, and subculture. Moderation and hegemony are at a minimum, and the goal of the Crasslands is to leave the direction of the server up to the community it hosts.
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Join us for black metal sadposting and dark aesthetics. For fans of black metal, metal, noise, post-punk, industrial etc and rym welcome
Music | Community
If you have started composing music, and you want feedback or you have doubts, this is your server. If you want to learn how to create your own music and experiment, this is your server. If you want to discover new music that you wont find anywhere else, this is your server. But if you just look for gore, porn and dark humor like your could find in other underground music servers, the leave botton is up there.