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❆WELCOME TO VALHALLA OF MIDGARD❆ ♕ Valhalla of Midgard is a Camp for Norse Demigods right on earth! ♔ Located in Luxurious Iceland, Valhalla of Midgard focuses on the training and helping of Demigods of all ages and sizes! ♖We offer an active staff always around to help and answer any question you may have! ♗An active, welcoming and chill community - with a constantly growing and expanding community welcome to any and all rp styles, and lifestyles! ♘15 Gods to choose from! with 15 gods to pick from as your characters godly parent creativity is hardly restricted! ♙A Custom server plot! Written and thought up by the Owner!
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WELCOME TO CAMP MIDGARD Located on an island off the coast of Cape Cod, this is where the vikings first landed in North America. Once there they began to raid and eventually angered Odin after stealing a rune from Asgard. This caused him to allow giants to invade and take revenge on the camp. They nearly destroyed the entire population, but a son of Njord saved them. With the help of the Vanir he sacrificed his life by slamming his ship into the shore of Cape Cod, cutting it off from the mainland and making the islands we know today. Njord, Frey, and Freya then blessed the island so it would be protected from harm, and in the process created a safe haven for all Norse Demigods WHAT WE OFFER Relaxed RP! Our community provides a home for those who prefer to roleplay with less strict guidelines and rules. Welcoming Community! As a diverse community, we welcome everyone no matter who or what they identify as. and more!
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Norse pagan server looking for company. Come sit down and join us.
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The Northern Kingdom is a revived project and roleplaying server we have been working on for a while. While mostly freeform RP, it does have dicerolls involved as well as a very basic D&D stat system intended not to get in the way of roleplay.
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for anyone who might be another acidic kitten