Dieser Discord ist für Nesjob & seine Community, hier spielen wir zsm Games jeglicher Art und wenn man jemanden brauch, findet man immer Mitspieler. Es gibt viele Communityprojekte und wir freuen uns, wenn du uns auch folgst auf unserem Weg :)
Music, EDM, House, Drum&Bass, Party, Connect.
A nice SFW server for members of the LGBTQIA community. It is also there to serve as a place for members to feel safe.
Greetings Citizen. Welcome to the lands of Blackwater. We are an economy server of Dank Memer. In our lands, we are free to rob other citizens. Our server requires: - Active - Respect - Humor Our server offers: - Giveaways - Robbing - Trading Have fun citizens. I hope that the perfect cycle never ends.
Bonjour ! Polnaref Land est un serveur discord communautaire uniquement pour des français ,il est orienté vers le gaming et les mangas/animés japonais. Vous pouvez jouer avec vos amis dessus et discuter de vos passions... On organisera des Blind Test et des soirées Party Games... Bref n'hésitez pas à rejoindre Polnareff Land ! GLHF !
The server for any avid game nighter. As well, hosting games every Friday at 6:00 PM EST.
Meet new people and communicate! Giveaways, game nights, and more!
Totalno zlo, totalni lol, totalno zlolizam i nerenesansa. Ma totalna smaracina, sprdacina, zaebancija i naravno belja. Oh uh ah ...
Play Jackbox with us!
fun place to meet new people from around the world n talk <3 please be respectful & have a good time
This is a Discord for all of your gaming needs! Join us here and just relax while meeting new people! We have a custom bot that makes channels for you and your friends, as well as public parties. This is the BEST place to join and find others to play with, no matter WHAT you're playing! Join now!!
D&D5e on Roll20. One-shot-based (120 per month!). Uses CP and TP instead of XP and being awarded items by DMs.
NinjaHub is really just a place to chill, we have a memes and NSFW channel. Right now we're a small community with not much members but that's why we are advertising to gain some more members.
Ein Discordserver in Form eines virtuellen Hauses in dem Hausparty's stattfinden. Für Unterhaltung sorgen neben den Gästen ein Casino, Musik in drei Räumen und eine Bar.
Cat themed Rocket League & Destiny 2 Server NA & EU (US-E, US-W, & EU) All platforms are welcome! Partnerships Available! Recommended : Speaking English & Microphone
Pretende-se criar uma grande comunidade de jogadores de Pubg Lite em Portugal,fazendo os jogadores conviverem mais e terem sempre alguem que jogar.
Welcome to the Official REKT Gaming Discord! This is open space for everyone to join make new friends, play, stream together. Share your content and grow bigger. Everyone is allowed to self promote but use #📢-self-promotion area to do so. Please take a moment to read through the rules and other useful information provided here before jumping into chats #⛔-rules
This is a place for people to meet new friends and have a community to flourish in.
Discords only server made for guys who party, and think about doing shit with other men. We all know how stims can make you a little curious. Now you've got a place where you can explore those feelings freely. Straight, Curious, Bi, or Gay, our doors are open to you! Come check us out and connect with hot guys for some hot fun!
Play games of Werewolves/Mafia with us!
Hey! This is a server for memes, art, music, and just goofing around in general! This is very new, but hopefully it'll expand. Feel free to join us!
sickest hang out group
A Friendly Community server for Night Owls, Caffeine Sucker, Anime Lover, Movie Enthusiast, Pro Gamer. Make new friends and have fun as much as you want. Join NOW!!