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The Big Nothing Server is a closely knit community of friendly people to chat with. We have got members from all over the world, cool level based roles, a variety of channels and many bots to play with! So come start talking and you're likely to make some really nice friends here :)
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Make new friends, play with the bots, listen to music, chat about anime and games or life in general. Come and chill, we're all about making friends and enjoying ourselves. We have Waifu Roulette, Pokecord, Levels/Ranks, and anything you may think we need can be suggested! Let's chill!
Anime | Gaming
           🌸 Osurex! 🌸 🌸~Osu! 🌸~Anime 🌸~Gaming 🌸~Memes 🌸~Art ______________________________________________ What we offer: 💞~Cool Emotes 💞~Chill Community 💞~Amazing Mods 💞~Fun Discord Bots
Social | Art
a fun server to connect and share personality and interests
Bot | Community
The **Land of Ashes** is a unique Pokecord server that has many fun things to do, including: **✧** A friendly, active, and non-toxic **community** to talk to **✧** Unique gym system with 9 **dual-type gyms**, an Elite Four, and a Champion to try and beat for rewards! **✧** Vacant **gym spots** are open for application and **tournaments** will be held for them **✧** There are **giveaways** hosted very often, as well as events and interactive giveaways with mini challenges! **✧** Trustworthy, cheap, and active **pokemon daycare** ran by members **✧** Daily **games** such as word games, cards against humanity, pictionary, and more! **✧** Private channels where other members run their own **businesses and activities**!
Community | Hobbies
Have 201 IQ maths homework? Looking for fellow intellectuals to play chess against? Or just a Pseudo-intellectual looking for some friends... All are welcome! We have... • memes! Who doesnt love memes?! • a voting channel because democracy is the best ideology aside from communism • a homework channel where you can seek help from yer dependent intellectual comrades • Chess and UNO channels, not to mention almost daily Mudae fights (You can improve your English with this!) Challenge your fellow intellectuals! • An anime channel for Weebs. • A debate channel which we may use to host weekly debates in future. • An art channel. Showcase your artworks and get feedback! • Writers, an exclusive channel for aspiring writers. •A history channel for the historians among us. We are constantly expanding and improving. New updates as of 6 Septemb
Bot | Gaming
A German and English Discord Server with many Bots and osu! and MarioMaker2 Channels. (A Sub-Server of Pixelbraker)
Entertainment | Meme
List of all text channels: Rules, Links, Welcome, Chating, Meme Chat, Game chat, Pokemon, Duel, Trading, Ads, Rules for pokemon, Music. List of all voice channels: Music chat, Chill chat, Game chat, Memes. Have fun!
Social | Meme
We are a new server, looking out for a community for making friends! Looking for new friends? Looking for someone to laugh with? Looking for someone to vent out to? Our server has got you covered. We have everything, ranging from Vent Channels, Selfie sharing, to Minecraft Server and Meme Sharing! We also have official smp minecraft servers for both JAVA and BEDROCK for members of the discord.
Anime | Social
We are Dark City, a small server of anime fans and yugioh players, made to have fun. We host events for the community and dont spam you with pings. We are mainly active on weekends, along with some parts of the night.
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💜🎉 Hello and welcome to Werewolf & Sandbox Events. Our server is mainly focused on events/giveaways for Werewolf Online, I'm no Demon, Drawmania and other games. By inviting your friends you can earn free roses and other rewards! We are unofficial server created by community who loves Werewolf Online and Sandbox Games (I'm no Demon, The Cult, Drawmania, SpyFall). Thank you for your time and have a nice day! 🎉💜
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Chat, Memes, fun, bots, pokecord, meme
Community | Gaming
This is a hangout place where you can socialize with other players from your own or different gaming community and just be yourself!
Anime | Gaming
Servidor de Animes/Jogos brasileiro.
Community | Music
Welcome to family of pokemon. The new server for pokemon fan to join. We are friendly, kindly , helpful and fast growing server with many active staff and members. This server is totally very different with other pokemon server. Our server members is very fun and enjoy in server. Come to join now.
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Pokécord is a bot for Discord giving players a fun and easy way to catch, level-up and battle their favourite pokémon! With many ways to play and advanced settings for larger servers, it's of one the best Discord bots to add to any community.
Gaming | YouTuber
Um Servidor De Pokecord
This is me and my friends Discord Server
Community | Gaming
Anime | Community
Cherry Blossom Anime is an anime based server looking for friendly people to have conversations with! We offer loads of interesting bots such as pokecord, waifubot, and more! We are a small community that would love you to be apart of it! Oh, we love kpop too UwU
Entertainment | Gaming
A Pokémon server fit for anybody to join. Come by, stick around a while to help the place grow, and it could just possibly "Bellossom" into a friendly community for many to hang out in. Anything and everything Pokémon related is allowed for discussion here as long as it abides by the server rules and is SFW. We even have the Pokecord bot added for those that like playing with it in their downtime on Discord. At the moment, we're tiny, but with your help and contribution, we can make it lively and busy! Come join us at Poké Playground today!
eSports | Social
Deific is a new, unique, fast growing server! We're looking for new, active members who can be apart of our community. We're looking for Staff and Partner Managers! • New server growing fast! • Verification system to prevent underage access to NSFW Channels! • Multiple selfie channels, including SFW and NSFW • Fun, interactive bots & channels • Verified Roles for both male and female • Our own Gaming Clan! #TeamDeific • Active voice chats w/ several Music Bots • Level roles with a new color and name every 5 levels! • Looking for partners and partner managers, DM me. :) @BeeKii#8491 • Achievement Roles! Work in the server to attain exclusive roles! Monthly Nitro Giveaways for active members! (real ones, not fake giveaways) ──────────────────
Anime | Gaming
Our goal is to help others and be there for people those who are in need of Pokémon. We never leave anyone out of anything and we always do our best to help our members grow and catch pokemon. Our Server is Different than any other Pokémon server on discord.
Gaming | Bot
This is a fun, small server for anybody to play Pokecord, a bot that allows you to play Pokemon on Discord using the chat. We try to keep everything organized and fun and hope you would like to join
Gaming | Community
Who should join? -Those of you who like Pokemon (battling and/or the series itself). YOU CAN BECOME A GYM LEADER :muscle::skin-tone-5: -Those who would like to play Minecraft (Windows 10/ Xbox/ PE and PC edition, maybe have our own SERVER) :crossed_swords: -Those who like to play Roblox (why not?)-Artist who would like to share their pictures with others. I (might need help with icons and banners) :robot: Why should you join? This server, I believe, will grow to become something acceptable. As more players join the more competitive you and other players can get. What the server has? This server has many fun a interesting channels, Pokecord, UnbelievaBoat which is a bot that allows you to gain money and buy items and roles from the server shop, Tatsumaki, Mee6 which gives a ranking system for the server, and much more later! Yes, WE PARTNER!
Gaming | Social
Hello and welcome to Pokecord Showdown! Want Pokemon Showdown? We got it! Want Pokecord? We got it! Want both together as one to make one cool challenge? Then why haven't you joined yet? Because we got it!! ! Train, trade and battle friends or take the challenge to see if you have what it takes to be The Champion! We are new and need Gym Leaders and a Elite Four as well as challengers for the future!
Server BR de Pokecórd: Coliseu Pokémon - Torneios - Giveaways - Leilões - Eventos VENHA LUTAR EM TORNEIOS, PARTICIPAR DE GIVEAWAYS E CONHECER GENTE NOVA! Estamos te esperando, treinador!
Anime | Community
A large and welcoming community, with various bots and features, such as Waifubot, Mudaebot, Pokecord. A wide variety of colours available for everyone, as well as personalised roles can be picked up anytime! An engaging moderator team will ensure your experience here is a good one!
Art | Writing
An art and literature channel, we have: - Level unlocks - Fun bots like Pokecord - A wide array of different art channels for your artistic needs - Friendly mods and a community revolving around being non-toxic - LGBTQIA+ friendly
Gaming | Social
Welcome to the best Love Nikki and Pokecord Server! The server started out as the home base of the Heathers association but has become way more. We have a wide variety of games and things ranging from Love Nikki challenges, to catching Pokemon, and even playing board games together.
Gaming | Community
Always on the latest stable version of Pixelmon.
Gaming | Role-Playing
A server to play Pokecord!
Gaming | Community
a place for people to hang out, play games and make friends
Community | Social
-Outlaws is a community server, with custom roles, lots of channels and a growing community. -We have a fully functional MEE6 Role system, as well as a ton of other bots to play games on, such as Pokécord, IdleRPG, and much more! -It's filled with chill (for the most part ;p) people, down to meet new people and make friends! - We hope you can join and make some new friends and relationships, and above all, enjoy your time in our server!
Community | Gaming
For players all around the world to discuss Monster Legends and get the latest news and information Pokecord | Music | Economy | Nitro
Anime | Role-Playing
Only Turks can join this server. Bütün türk kardeşlerimiz sunucumuza davetlidir. Bu arada doğan pokémonların ismini gösteren bot eklendi!