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There are 4 guilds for gijinka pokemon, each with their own benefits. Will you join one or go your own way?
For as long as time has existed, the elemental stone has stood, this stone contains seven sides, each pertaining to a specific element. However, recently that stone has been broken into seven crystals, meaning that the forces of nature have been completely thrown out of balance. Tsunamis have been happening more frequently, volcanoes have been erupting more frequently and so many other natural disasters have been happening, destroying entire villages and towns. But it's up to us to find the seven crystals and connect them once more, otherwise....
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In this Pokemon Role-play, we have fun events and contests, three different role-play styles depending on your skill, intricate lore and plot, and an eventual story. Take a peek at our server description on here if you are interested in joining us :)!
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The Island of the Lost (IOTL) is a roleplaying community based loosely off of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series of video games! Starting on the now-defunct Google Plus platform, we have since moved to Discord and remain a friendly place to roleplay and chat.