Gaming | Programming
Bem vindo ao Host low cost. Aqui podes alugar o teu servidor. Para mais informações não hesites em perguntar.
Gaming | Programming
Searoam Roblox Modification Client support server!
Gaming | Programming
play,make internet friends,or idk what
Gaming | Anime
GMD is a friendly discord community where you can meet people, play games, share common interests and make new friends.
Programming | Community
A Discord server for sharing Accounts, Cracks, And Discord Tokens.
Gaming | Community
This server is everything in one.
Programming | Technology
LazyDB is a realtime cloud database with authentification, emailing, payments, cloud lua functions and more, join our awesome community :D
Technology | Community
Official Forum:
Gaming | Social
This server is made for every type of person to chill, talk, and game etc. Everyone is welcome. Server is kind of dead at the moment but we we get enough active people it can go back to being active. We are also looking for staff!
Programming | Technology
his is a programing (hacking) group. Here we chill, help our community, play videogames and mainly program (some things may be added in the future)
Programming | Hobbies
Hello, this is a server for everybody who wants help on coding, and/or for people who want to share there code, come join!
Programming | Technology
A server where we will help you with your coding needs!