Business | Programming
Verus is a popular packet based anticheat based on the minecraft protocol. Verus is designed to operate primarily on netty threads with no noticeable performance overhead yet still with the powerful ability to detect and eliminate cheaters from your server quickly.
Crypto | Gaming
ebakus is a blockchain solution with smart contract support that enables dApps to reach mass adoption. It leverages DPOS consensus that enables it to scale while retaining low latency. (23800 TPS, 1 sec blocks) While performance is important, it’s ability to make dApps accessible is what we are mostly proud of. ebakus’ main novelty is the way it makes transaction fees transparent to the end user. Transaction fees are paid in the form of cpu work through minuscule amounts of PoW that take place in the client with each transaction. To take it one step further ebakus radically improves on boarding through its embeddable web wallet library, which can be embedded in any dApp and provide a seamless interface to the ebakus blockchain. Moreover we have built ebakus to be backwards compatible with ethereum, but we didn’t stop there, it also extends Solidity with a schema defined database that allows developers to build more complex and powerful smart contracts than ever was possible.
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Seja bem vindo ao servidor não oficial para a comunidade de Blue Protocol brasileira! Venha ver notícias, tutoriais, conversar sobre Blue Protocol, fazer amizades e mais! Estamos esperando por você!
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the server is based on brat, brat taming, protocol and tasks. we're fun, give us a chance. we have: - events for doms and for subs - cards against humanity events - area for tasks - area for protocol - punishment system for brats