ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ FART CLUB👁️👁️ - e girls - actually funny members - active - friendly - league -
We are a group of Historical some what Right leaning political gamers who like to have fun and raid servers.
SwSh Laboratory is a discord server for Pokemon Sword and Shield! We offer: - Weekly tournaments, sometimes with prizes! - Multiplayer chats - Advice chats - Pokecord And much more!
The (UnOfficial) Official Discord Server for the Crystal Data Center in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)
Karmabie is a faction minecraft server
Ever wanted to be a Roof Korean🏠? Well, now is your chance, mainly we focus on community wishes💪. Basically, host Game nights, Voice chat meetings, Giveaways and etc.✨ come by and find out more about our fearsome nature🦁🐍 and if you are brave enough, become one of us🍻.
Aspire is an Alliance Mythic Raiding Guild on the Stormrage-US Server
We like friends :)
Neta is a community for all things World of Warcraft related. Whether you're big into running high Mythic+ keys, or Heroic raiding, or you're more casual and new to the game, looking to break into the scene, this is the community for you. We aim to house skilled players, and newbies alike to form a big, strong, non-toxic learning community for all content to strengthen end-game participation as a whole. We are currently looking for leadership in all aspects of the game. These positions are as follows, but are not limited to: Raid Leader, Mythic+ Leaders, Experienced Arena Players and more. For more information, please join the discord, or message myself personally. Fuze#5531
A server for people who want to raid youtube channels
A place to exchange friend codes and organize raids, trades, and battles, or just hang out. Not too strict, not too stuffy, we're just here to have fun.
Basically We raid games, specifically roblox, not discord servers!
Stadium of Valere is a Discord based Pokemon league where people can come to challenge our gyms and try to take the champion spot! We hope you have a pleasant time here. If Disboard doesn't work, use this link https://discord.gg/avBP4x7
A Discord for the Disastrous Network's Minecraft server. We have Factions with Prison, Skyblock and KitPvP coming soon.
We raid servers together