```** 🌎 Micro-verse! 🌏 ** What we offer: > 📌 Fun bots to interact with! (Pokécord, Idle Miner, DiscordRPG) > 📌 Memes channel with currencies! (Dank Memer) > 📌 Friendly staffs and members, with a non-toxic community! > 📌 A variety of self-assignable gaming roles! > 📌 Interesting future events await! > And many more! Game channels we provided: > 🎮 Overwatch > 🎮 Rainbow Six Siege > 🎮 Escape from Tarkov > 🎮 Call of Duty > 🎮 Destiny > 🎮 Warframe > 🎮 Apex Legends > 🎮 Fortnite > 🎮 PUBG > 🎮 CSGO + > ⛏️ Minecraft
Rainbow Six Siege server for finding 5 stacks
Inglorious Gamers è un progetto totalmente italiano nato nel 2017 dalla fusione di più clan e community di gaming italiane. La nostra mission è riunire il maggior numero di gamers italiani e creare una grande famiglia dove divertirsi oppure essere competitivi all’occorrenza. Che tu sia un gamer occasionale oppure un “Pro”, IG potrebbe essere la famiglia ideale per te.
R6: Siege eSports Team
Join to hang out and talk to the weary bois and all of our famILY members!
Buenas, os presento un servidor de Rainbow 6 español. Es muy nuevo asi que estamos abiertos a sugerencias.
Some people say: Life is all about the money and the power(thats lie) Life is about creativity...Is magic It makes you create something out of nothing It turns all your pain into something beautifull One day we might lose everything we create but we still got creativity ! i am Tecktorious ! and i want to give people big moments ! make them laugh ! I am Tecktorious! Always SMILE
Gaming, Chillin, and Shitposting
Fortnite, RB6, Minecraft, just talking, and more!
Fun R6S discord for all platforms many events and giverways weekly come join the group have some fun and most of all play some siege #r6s #rainbowsix #six #siege #everyone
Fun server for gaming. Nitro boosted, and is currently a small community of close friends. Need a new squad? Join our server!
Rainbow Six Siege Anime Server
Funny, laid-back and relax type of server with competitive gamers and non-competitive gamers.
Shattered Gaming-R6S Community Server
Pretty much looking for new friends to talk and play with we're always open to new games
If you are looking to get better in Siege this might be right place for you !
A server where people can hang out, get help, converse, and have fun!
Two random gamor gorls trying to find new friends to play with. Rainbow six, animal crossing, modern warfare. Pls join we are lonely.