An active anarchy community with no rules or limitations! Join or fuck off, we got noobs to kill.
A World of magic where almost everyone is born with powers. Those who aren't can buy magic objects to give them powers.
Need to promote or join a realm? We got your back. Welcome to Minecraft Realms, a non-profit discord server that is dedicated to providing community-created realms for your needs. All realms are free for members who want to join. We have designated channels for your interests of what the server is about and future changes. We are tending to keep this a safe environment for fellow Minecraft players.
Minecraft Survival Server Community.
Welcome to the Minecraft Realm Hub, your one-of-a-kind place for free, community-provided realms for all platforms. This non-profit discord server is made to fit all of your playful needs. Whether you're a member looking for a realm or a realm owner looking for members, this is the perfect place for you.
LightCrafts goal is to bring multiplayer to Xbox and switch where they have no add server button only join realm. If your looking for a realm like this join LightCraft discord so we can invite you!
The Craft Kings is a content creation company that focuses on Minecraft. We provide new experiences for players with modded realms and worlds. Players can join our hub to hang out and apply to join one of our fun worlds.